Thursday, February 09, 2006

Punkprincess is hiding.

Is my fellow blogger Punkprincess in serious trouble? Her accusations of judiciary being hand-in-glove in Daya Nayak Case to purge the officer drew the attention of a reporter in Times of India. Times said she could be booked for contempt of court. My wise friend propmtly removed her profile from blogger, removed all links to her personal website and erased all personal info. Good for her, though, I might remind her, nothing is personal and hidden in Internet. But I don't understand why this talk of contempt of court? What you said was your opinion and everyone is entitled to an opinion.
Another thing in this is, she was very vocal about her views regarding Times of India. She equated Times of India to a tabloid and accused them of sensitizing news. Or sexing it up, like BBC did on it's Iraq reporting. Well, whatever. So Times is after her i guess. May be not. let's see.
But if you don't have anything to hide, why did you remove your profile from blogger? Why did you erase links to your site?

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punkprincess said...

check out the blog, good news :)