Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The God's protectors are very rich

The gods never had it so good! And the prophets too! The recent cartoon rage has changed the mindset of otherwise normal people. AN Uttar Paradesh Minister offered a bounty of 510,000,000 INR (11333333 US$ aprox) to anyone who kills a Danish Cartoonist. In retaliation a hitherto unknown organization has offered 1,010,000,000 INR for slaying the famous Indian painter M. F. Hussein for his obscene representation of Hindu goddess. India surely is not a poor country anymore. Another individual from Indore offered comparatively a paltry sum 1,100,000 INR for just chopping off Hussein’s arms!
The Luknow based Hindu Law board has offered this sun for the UP minister to kill Hussein. If someone else succeeds in killing him, he would get only 510,000,000 only! This is partiality, I say. Why should someone get paid less for the same job? This is violation of India’s Labor Law. So better make it equal for everyone.
Sarcasm apart, it’s a very serious crime. As per the land’s law, inciting murder is a criminal offence. The UP minister, Haji Yaqoob Quershi, has publicly offered the amount to anyone who kills a Danish Cartoonist. As a public servant, he should have refrained from uttering this nonsense if he had any political ambitions. As a legislature, his known source of income is in public domain and it never boasts of assets worth 51 crores. So Mr. Haji must reveal the source of this reward. In any other country, he would have prosecuted right away. But here, keeping an eye on Muslim votes, he is walking free. What’s more, now he enjoys more clout in the assembly due to the support he now enjoys. A true savior of Muslim interests!!
How can be a true Hindu could lag behind? So some of these true Hindus decided to take up the cause of Hindu goddesses and offered 101 Crore Rupees for anyone killing M. F. Hussein! But they were more practical. They didn’t ask to kill ANY Muslim cartoonist / Painter. Their target is specific, only one man. Another Advocate from Lucknow offered 11 Lakhs for chopping off Husseins hands. Wonderful! So if someone first chop-off his hands and then kill him, he would get both, I presume.
Now on, one can expect offers similar to this every now and then. Unless these nonsensical fools are prosecuted and put away. Our society if now replete with this self-appointed protectors of god and religion. Free publicity is what they seek. Our media give unnecessary attention to these small-timers and make them feel they are big fishes. It’s time our police take an interest in this growing menace and put an end to it by either asking them to deposit the sum that they have offered to the state coffer or face the music. For that the police require spine. Which is what they don’t have.

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m8al said...

Let me add a li'l something. The caricatures were drawn by a bunch of cartoonists (see Hindu editorial 22nd Feb). Mr. Q seems to have done very li'l research and I think he made those comments because he HAD political ambitions.

PS: congratulations! You are doing a great job with your blog.