Thursday, February 16, 2006

Challenged Shiv Sena may back track

A post script to my previous article, Nallasopara Bash-up by Shiv Sena.
The organiser, Vipul Patel, has decided to openly challenge the might of Shiv Sena by arranging another party at the same venue on this Saturday 18 th Feb. This time he named it to a more challenging "Valentines Day Party" to provoke the Shiv Sena and demanded police protection. And it's open for all public. It's from 6 PM to 10 PM.
It is to be seen that whether Shiv Sena take the bait or tactfully avoid it. In all probability, they would avoid it saying their opposition is against the Valentines Day only. So this is probably going to be a dampner.
I'll be reporting on it. so watch this space.

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Mind Curry said...

pathetic..we should shoot all these senas and morchas who act as moral polices..bloody dogs dont have any morals themselves!