Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Nallasopara bash-up by Shiv Sena

Couples, Beware. There is a political outfit that assumed the duty of Moral Policing. On Feb 14 night, a mob of around 60 people gate crashed into private party held at a hotel and beat up the men and women. And the children. Yes you heard me right. Children too. Innocent, not aware of any clash of civilization and unaware children. Reason? The mob suspect they were having a valentines day celebration. The mob in question is the local unit of Shiv Sena.
A Nallasopara resident, Vipul Patel, had organized a party in remembrance of his late brother. It was a cultural event and a cross section of society, married couples, senior citizen, teenagers and children alike, thronged the stage. Mr. Patel has obtained permission from the police to run the sound system till 10.00 PM. Till 9.30 everything was perfect and the group was having fun.
By 9.30, the mob armed with Hockey sticks and rods stormed into the party and beat up everyone. First they destroyed the Disco Lights, then the DJ’s Equipments and then turned their fury on the participants. Men and women beaten up and their clothes were ripped off. The ladies were groped in the dark. Even Kids and senior citizen were beaten up. Their valuables, chains, bracelets, expensive cell phones, were stolen. Everything was orchestrated and well thought out. A TV crew was shooting all these incidents. The semi-naked women and beaten up men tried to escape through the door and fell into the hands of waiting goons and the TV crew. Talk about rubbing salt on the wound.
The police arrived exactly after one hour as if to let the miscreants to get away from the scene. As it is always shown in bollywood films. Why the police took that much time to reach the place? Did they get any instruction NOT to reach there?
Shiv Sena has taken a contract on Indianising our society. So Valentines day bear the most brunt. Since it is a day of love it must be hated, according to them. To them Love is only sex . Or how could they perceive that any celebration on Feb 14th is a valentine day celebration? And who gave them the right to beat up people? Is there a thing called Law and Order? If someone had died of shock and / or beatings would they charge Murder case? Why don’t they press charges of attempted murder? The police is gong to charge a mild case of trespassing and may be causing injury. That too will be watered down since the all powerful Thackeray clan is there to support such thugs.
So readers don’t ever plan to celebrate anything on Feb 14th. If you are born on this day, forget a birthday bash. If you are planning to get married on this day, postpone it. Never ever try to do anything on this day. The big brother (rather the big Bhai, in Mumbai parlance) is watching. They could beat you up, molest your partner. It’s their exclusive right. Since birth they were doing it and no one yet challenged their right. Who the heck are you to do it now? If the police can’t do anything about it, or don’t WANT to do anything about it, how could you and me do anything?


Asmaan B Khorshid said...

I am as enraged by this ridiculous attack on civil liberties!

Of course, now that the Sena has gone this far....i dont think anybody should think twice about an eye for an eye principle.

I am especially disgusted with the way the media has not bothered one bit with this story. Only TOI seems to have bothered.

I dont really give a damn about people however, i intend to do something by myself. The next time i see their damn flag or their Shaka boards, i will deface them.

I will definitely also contemplate petrol bombs if one more incident like this take place.

Shiny, please urge your friends and like-minded people to react to this. Send sms messages to news channels like ndtv, call radio stations, anything.

We cannot be mute spectators anymore.

Enough is enough!

Shinu Mathew said...

I am touched by the empathy you have shown to the cause. It is rightly so. But retaliating with violence doesn't make any change. Only deepens the malaise.
As for defacing their flags and boards will give them another excuse to unleash the violence. I am sure that nowadays, they have turned to petty politics. If you happen to read my earlier post regarding Raj Thackeray's revolt, you could see how close my prediction was.
As for petrol bombs, I don't suggest you go that far :). I know you are joking. No responsible citizen would ever do that. THat eye-for-eye culture is among them only. not among us, who are responsible citizen.
So consider mobilising your friends, write a barrage of letters of protest to news papers, radio station and bullettin boards. That's the way to do it. Let them know that these violent tactics wil never pay much.
Thanks for your valuable comments.