Thursday, February 09, 2006

Muslim Outrage-an overreaction?

The recent violence and protests of the Muslim community all over the world regarding the cartoons of Prophet Mohammed in a Danish newspaper is creating mayhem in the west. Why there is a big outcry and violence about a non-issue? This issue is blown out of proportion. Thanks to this large scale torching of embassies and violence, a non-issue has gained world wide publicity.

A couple of years back a US company printed Lord Ganesha’s, a Hindu deity, pictures on their sandals and drew sharp criticism from all over the globe. There were some peaceful rallies in India and India diplomatically solved the issue by notifying US government. The manufactures withdrew the product, as per the reports. Jesus Christ, the god of Christians, ridiculed many a times in cartoons, films and the Christians never resorted to violence. Judaism came under attack many a times but they never took such drastic steps for such petty stuff.

It seems that nowadays part of the Muslim community believe in intolerance. At the slightest provocation, they resort to violence. In fact, jihad (holy war) is a way of life for these fanatics. Due to this, the entire Muslim community is viewed as an anarchic, fanatical and unruly people. The perception is that, they don’t know what dialog and peaceful means. The last decade saw a drastic change in people’s mindset in regard to Islam. 9/11 had a big impact on the world.

The history of Islam is as two-pronged as its people. It is interlaced with wars and peace. Prophet always advocated peace and tolerance at the same time they fought non-believers or Kafir. And the holy book, Koran, has been of late misrepresented and used to incite violence against other religions by some hardcore fanatics. Prophet’s words were twisted and it made out to be like “kill who don’t believe in Islam”. It is really pathetic to see young Muslims fall for it. And all over the world, US, UK, France, Iraq, India (Kashmir), Pakistan, Bangladesh, Palestine to name a few, these fanatics sow seeds of hatred and reap murder and mayhem.

Another fact about Muslim people, not Islam, is they don’t mingle well with other communities. They ghettoize their community and fiercely stick to their customs even if meant violating the Laws of the country where they reside. Consider the divorce law if India, for example. Their ‘triple talak’ and remarriage of another girl is amount to bigamy and is a violation of Indian Marriage act. And many a times the verdicts of Muslim Clerics contradict Indian constitution and in most of the cases the Judiciary is helpless. But they have the last word in such things. The recent rape of a Muslim girl by her father-in-law is an example. The timely intervention of some social activists saw her case gain nation-wide attraction and her husband is willing to accept her. But the Muslim Intellectuals are opposed it citing Koran is against it.

How many people lost their lives in this? How many billions destroyed? No one knows exactly. But one thing is sure. Some vested interests are using this opportunity to set scores with west. And they will never allow the settling down of this. They will keep adding fuel to the already raging fire in the name of Islam.

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