Sunday, January 20, 2013

A short film - The GIFT

As a member of this society, me, and my friends ganged up and made this small video. Please watch and share.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Delhi Rape - Gems from VIPS

India is a great country, India is next Superpower, India is technologically advanced!

Hey I didn't make that up! Every Indian leader want us to believe that!

So what's wrong with that?

Nothing except the fact that we are still in the cave-ages!!

Don't believe me? Read through!

Soon after the brutal rape of the the Delhi girl (I loath to call all the pet names the Indian media attributed to her), our nation has erupted in it's fury, every city witnessed large scale protest marches, every writer, established and obscure (including yours truly, who falls in the second category), wrote pieces on News papers, blogs, Facebook, and twitter. There were TV interviews of prominent citizens, where they all advocated death to the rapists!

Every Indian father must have heaved a sigh of relief! After all, the collective outpouring shown by entire India, without any political support (which is very rare) will prevent any wanna be rapist from committing it.

India has gone back to slumber, ladies and gentlemen! I would have kept quiet if that was the only thing. After all we are all used to this sorry state of affairs in India. We like to sleep through chaos!

But a few, very powerful and famous, gentlemen had the nerve to speak out how it is not the rapist's fault but the girl's.

A powerful organization's chief declared thus;

Rapes doesn't happen in Bharat! It happens only in India (sic)!

Ok, take great pride in that fact Mr. Saffron! Mera Bharat Mahan!!

And more gems from the same gentleman, who spoke about a domestic contract, where the woman is destined for household chores and if she breaks it, that's reason enough for these atrocities!!!

Some state's head's / deputies / ministers advocates;

  1. Short Skirts as uniform is the root cause for rapes. Ban it! (well, Printing money is the root cause of all corruption, stop printing!)
  2. Revealing clothes provoke men, don't wear it! (As if wearing Burqas is a guarantee against rape!! If that's the case, we would never get a rape case from Muslim majority areas / Rapes of Christian Nuns!!)
  3. Women should not venture out after dark. That's an invitation to rape! (oh yeah! I agree!!)
  4. Too much skin show in films / advertisements causes these incidents. (so your male species will get an instant erection when they see some skin, huh? Have you heard about restraint? Isn't that the difference between humans and beasts?)

There are many priceless quotes! Which makes you feel that you live in 18th Century!

A self-styled, self-anointed god man has had a revelation (in this context, it is the divine communication) of why she was tortured!

"She didn't call the rapists Brother and begged not to rape her, Had she done that, she would have spared!"

So ladies, there is the simple remedy for rape, Call your attackers Bhai / Anna / Bhayya / Chetta / whatever! They will immediately produce a Rakhi, tie it on your hand, buy you a Sweet box, apologize for thinking about a rape and drop you home! Isn't it beautiful?

The cheapness of begging is natural to that godman! So it is quite natural that he advocates it.

And the last but not least. A northern state's Home Minister offered the most plausible and kind reason for the continuous rape episodes that are happening all around India.

"crimes against women were happening as their stars were in adverse positions". Yes, you read it correctly! The entire female species now under a spell caused by some celestial body!

Yes, we live in THIS India. Where every single male feel privileged to rape, tease, kill, molest and whatever they want with their women! Every single male-chauvinistic pigs roam freely in this country and stalking their prey!

The leaders, with their skewed, bigoted view of women, and brains the size of a peanut, issues these type of sense-less statements, which acts as a catalyst for their brain-less followers. More attack follows;

The real reason, as you and me knows, is the mindset of these men! Where women are a toy for their pleasure. Am not going into all that, it's already dissected in many places!

Yes I am an Indian, I live in 21st Century, but amidst people who are still trapped in 18.