Monday, July 25, 2005

Gujarat-Some deliberate Mistakes

Gujarat-Some deliberate Mistakes
Gujarat is again in the news! As usual for all the wrong reasons. This time, it is for making a new rule, making parental consensus mandatory for court marriages. And those in the-know will admit that; in India 90% court marriages are love marriages. It is goes without saying that most of these marriages are without parental consensus. So what is the exact purpose behind this draconian rule? If you are watching the developments in Gujarat for some time, you can see a pattern is evolving. Very ruthless one.

There is a very conscious effort to make the gap between two communities wider. Ever since Narendra Modi is elected second time as the CM, this effort has been more profound. A string of measures are introduced in the state to further alienate the minority. The attack on Christian Priests, continuous rioting, and now a new regulation to prevent inter-cast marriages. This is just to name a few. The agenda of the Gujarat Government is clear as crystal. They want a Hindu state. Rid of Muslims or any minorities. When the Ayodhya makeshift temple was attacked, there was a Bandh in Gujarat. Who had benefited from it? In fact the terrorists. Ultimately they were successful in spreading the terror one way or other and bring life to a standstill. There is a growing intolerance towards the minority. In a case, a hindu procession allegedly threw vermillion into a mosque and that sparks another riot. The violoation of Human rights in this state is so widespread that none of them considering it as human right violation. It has become a norm there. Now once L.K. Advani resigns as Party Chief, it is widely believed that Mr. Modi will be outsted as the CM of Gujarat.

In it’s attempt to gain popularity among investors, Gujarat CM Narendra Modi has downplayed the significance of The Genocide and put it just as a mere riot. The truth is it wasn’t a riot and selective killings. The hawks in the state machinery were looking for an opportunity and it was a heaven-send excuse, the Sabarmati carnage, for them. Till today the real perpetrators of that crime has not been caught, but there are strong doubts regarding who (read which community) was behind it. Ever heard of an old adage sacrificing our own to achieve better goals? Forensic experts say somebody from outside poured an inflammable liquid, like kerosene or petrol, into the ill-fated compartment and set it ablaze. It’s just that the location was close to a Muslim dominant area the majority was made to believe that it was Muslim’s handiwork. This started a widespread riot. Instead of controlling the riot and asking for military assistance, the local government started it’s vengeance and purging. If it wasn’t a Genocide, then how come that all sufferers belongs to the minority? An MLA and some prominent personalities were killed in these incidents but there was not a single enquiry and no convictions. The best publicized case, the Best Bakery case, is still in the court but seeing the see-sawing nature of the prime witness, Zahira Shake, we could be assured about the outcome of that trial too.
After the riot there was sporadic incidents reported from Gujarat but no one paid much attention to it. Then came the elections, and much to the surprise of Human rights activists, Narendra Modi came back to power with a thumping majority. Was this verdict is an approval for his well-known role in the killings? If you dig deep, there was a lot of rumors about minorities prevented from voting and widespread fake voting.

Times of India July 23, 2005
Parental Consensus need for Court marriage; Gujarat
Hitler glorified in std 9 & 10 text book. Holocaust removed and glorifying remarks such as fierce nationalism, self-pride atc.
These are not a lone incidents. These are precursors to the change that is about to happen in Gujarat. Deliberate mistakes made to test the water. It is time that the secularists in this country should awaken to these demons to fight and save our beloved land.