Thursday, February 23, 2006

Karunakaran - To be or Not to be?

Kerala politics has always been intriguing, to say the least. Where almost every major party owns a satellite channel, the first Communist Government elected my democratic means, one of the smallest states of Indian union but has the one of the highest number of political parties; Kerala has always been a different arena when it comes to politics. Intense factionalism is rampant in almost all political party. Minorities play a major role in elections and the only state where BJP has yet to have an MLA or MP. It has been a state of political peculiarities. One can expect the least un-expected from this state.
But the sudden somersault by the LDF caught everyone off-guard. The denial of entry into the LDF for Democratic Indira Congress-Karunakaran (DICK).(a little thought here. Why did suffixed his party name with Karunakaran? Taking precaution for a future split and don’t want his son’s rivals taking away his name? Like he did with Indira’s Name.)
Kerala politics has always been a bi-polar affair. There was no place for a third front. So Mr. Muralidharan’s statement that they will contest all the seats by themselves doesn’t mean much.
Before they left Congress, Karunakaran and Murali succeeded in ousting the then CM Mr. Antony. The irony is that he is the vociferous supporter for taking back Karunakaran into the party. May be he doesn’t want Oommen Chandy returning to Cm’ship. Which is anyway a distant possibility given the states history. No ruling alliance made it consecutively.
Now DICK is stuck. They can’t go back to Congress which they left 6 months back, Left is not accepting them and BJP is not a force to reckon with in Kerala Politics. Where it leads? The only possibility is that of becoming a part in UDF without returning to congress. But there are many who believe UDF is better off without Karunakaran, who made life hell for Congress leaders not too long ago. They argue that it will be sending a wrong signal to aspirant rebels. If they managed to snub DICK in the forthcoming elections, that will be a strong warning to those who revolt against the party.
Now it’s all up to Ms. Sonia Gandhi who will decide the fate of DICK. How ironic considering what Murali & Karunakaran said about her while leaving the party. In the coming days, the fate of one of the wily old politician of Kerala will be decided by a lady whom he despise and whether it’s an end or a new beginning, non one is sure.
For Karunakaran & His son, it's a question of existence. a Question of to be or not to be.

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Anonymous said...

As I worte in my blog they are stuck between a rock and a hard place the funniest thing is they brought this upon themselves. I hope Congress won't make the mistake for letting them back into Cogress or UDF.