Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Nepal - In the Eye of a storm

Nepal Election – Farcical Comedy

It has been a tug of war between the political parties and the king since the royal coup. All of that now coming to a final showdown. A one-sided one. There is a ‘shoot-at-sight’ order issued if anyone attempts to obstruct the proceedings. And Maoists retorted by issuing another ‘fatwa’ that if anyone ventured out on poll day, they will be killed. Both are threatening the same. Death. Is there any conspiracy to stymie the ever-growing opposition to the King? I wonder.
I was pondering another angle to this. The democracy in Nepal is as good as dead. Since King has all the power, he sure will conduct this poll, by hook or by crook. This is Just Municipal Elections. Encouraged by the success he may attempt to do it in Parliament election too. If he succeed in that too, Nepal will have a mock parliament and the West and rest satisfied. Much like the Pakistan Scenario. But poor Nepalese will suffer forever then. The opposition can well kiss goodbye to Nepal. Or they can spend their lives in some dark dungeon. Ask Mrs. Benazir Bhuto and Mr. Nawas Sheriff!. Or Myan Mar’s Aung San Suu Kyi. The Maoists and the King can engage in a war dead-lock for the next decade. Sri Lanka is an Example. Or they can resolve their dispute by power-sharing or some other settlement. Still, the poor Nepali will be the sole loser in this drama.

South Asian Curse

I wonder what kind of curse has fallen on these South Asian countries. Just have a look at this. Most of India’s neighboring countries are either ruled by Dictators or are in total anarchy.
1. Sri Lanka - Strife torn; Civil war for the last two decades. Now India faces a huge inflow of refugees from there.
2. Pakistan - Dictatorship. It has been the case since it’s inception in 1947. Military rule and dictators.
3. Afghanistan - A powerless government as of now. Vast rural areas are still ruled by war lords and / or Taliban. Total anarchy.
4. China - Socialistic Party Rule. There never was real democracy. Remember Tiananmen Square. And still no freedom of expression. The world know how stiff their censure of Internet and Media.
5. Nepal - Right now Monarchy but slipping to Anarchy.
6. Bhutan - This poor country is ruled by a King but he voluntarily stepping down and making way for democracy.
7. Myan Mar - Not even god knows what’s going on in that country. A beacon of hope was Aung San Suki. She is kept in house arrest. May be forever.
8. Bangladesh - There too is a history of Military rule and dictatorships. The new haven for Islamic terrorists. Growing ever hostile towards India.
India is the only country which has a stable democracy and freedom of expression in this region. But these neighboring countries has become a bigger menace for India. Internal Security is a big head-ache and if anything untoward happens in any of this country except Afghanistan and China, India can expect a huge inflow of refugees. The flow has already started from Sri Lanka and Nepal. India’s already creaking under its own weight.
Another million or so refugees and it will have a catastrophic effect on our resources.

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Shinu Mathew said...

My friend nepali Guy is having tough times. His blog, United we Blog, is shut down. Same applies for their other one, Nepalblogs. Now I sympathize with them, but just a teaser for Nepali Guy. This is the difference between a democracy & Monarchy (or rather Anarchy?)
Sorry Dude.