Sunday, December 25, 2005

Tsunami Reports

One year has passed since the Tsunami wreaked havoc in South Asian Countries. Life is back to normalcy. Well, Almost. Read the tsunami reports, a first hand account of a journalist, Dilip D’souza , my friend and former colleague.

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July 26, a day when Mumbai was submerged. A lot happened since. But at that time there was a lot of clamor about how plastics caused the choking of drains and how govt is going to ban it and what steps must be taken to avoid such things in future. Half a year passed and what had changed? The much-hyped plastic ban is postponed due to it’s impracticability. It’s dropped actually but the authorities are reluctant to admit their failure.

We, Mumbaikars never learn from our mistakes. We still use the plastic bags and abandon it as and where we pleased. It could be found in every drain, every inch of Mumbai. The inexplicable behavior of the authorities are making us worry. Our beloved city may not be able to hold up if another flood occurs. Its old infrastructure, already taken a lot of beatings, may collapse and take with it all its occupants.

These pictures are taken on July 26th at Vasai.

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