Thursday, December 15, 2005

Condomphobia of Tamilnadu

Tamilnadu’s moral brigade is at it again! Last time it was poor Kushboo . This time they vent their ire at the Condom Vending Machines. Two Muslim organizations came to the fore and their Lady-wing is on the streets protesting. The statements of the state Convener, Fathima Jalaal is funny. CVMs are “belittlement and denigration of Indian Culture” and “There is no need for Condom” and “it’ll have a negative impact on children”. If you talk about Indian culture, then why are you opposing the unified civil code and attempts to legalize your communities Talaque (divorce) methods? You may not need condoms. But for thousands of people it is the difference between life and death. And let me remind you one thing. It will not leave a negative impact on children. But it will keep they alive and healthy.
It is a known fact that Catholics (not all Christians) and Muslims are totally against birth control and abortion. The latter may be justified by the fact that it is killing a little soul. But Condoms?? The best method available to prevent contracting HIV virus is Condom.. And Tamilnadu has the highest infection rate this year . The opposition come from the fact that, if every family do this, there may be less followers to the religion, less income to the church / mosque and less people to carry out the hidden agendas. The Burqua-clad women held plaques saying “condom culture down ,down” and remove condom vending machine”. As if the new generation has never seen the object and never heard the word. Who are you trying to kid? Kushboo just said the truth. You may not like it but pre-marital sex is here.
Women’s League state convener A S Fathima Muzzafer said “one hand we preach one man one partner and same time promoting CVMs” Does CVMs encourage infidelity? Is it a cause to illicit relations? She said it is. What reasoning! Amazing!
These are either simple publicity stunts or some hidden agenda behind it. Tamilnadu has too many disasters this year. Tsunami, floods and the next in line is an epidemic called AIDS. It is already too late, but better than never. Stop these meaningless moral policing and unite against the killer diseas and spread the awareness and educate people about the perils of HIV and unprotected sex.
One last question to these leading ladies of morality. Are you sure your partners have never had any affairs? Are you sure you never had some? If not, then better you make sure they wear a condom. Sex is a biological need. But AIDS is not.


Anonymous said...

Isnt it funny to see these people living in bubbles totally denying reality.

Bohemian said...

putting up CVMs definitely is a gr8 proposition and i'm so sure most of the youth and sane adults will welcome this move,keeping in mind the AIDS scare,n not because they are some immoral desparados but citizens responsible enuf to weigh the dreaded consequences of unprotected sex.

Sirensongs: Indologist At Large said...

Hey Shinu, I'm short on time - but keep up the good work! Surely TN's denial of their own sexuality (eg Khushboo-gate) is the reason for their high AIDS infection rate. I will be adding your link to my site as well when I get to a decent computer. This one has an ancient sticky dirt- encrusted keyboard. !

Nero said...

Crisp and to-the-point. Well written!
Its real sad to see the state of affairs in my state. There's a thin line between ignorance and plain simple stupidity, and it looks like it's been crossed already.