Thursday, December 15, 2005

A letter to Saurav Ganguly

Dear Sourav Da,
It must be really hard on you, the latest developments in Indian Cricket. Any cricket fan will admit that the treatment meted out to you is downright insulting. Let’s explore the reasons that led to your ouster.
The recent developments in our Cricket board have a big role for your ouster. When you were selected for the first two tests, you have a strong backing in the selection committee. But as the new president of BCCI, What Pawar did was expel these so-called Ganguly supporters. That gave the wise guy ample room for maneuvering. It is public knowledge that the Chairman of Selection committee or the selectors doesn’t want you in the team either.
Let’s explore some statements made by the Coach, Mr. More, and others in BCCI prior to your selection. Mr. More explained at the press conference that you were selected as an all-rounder. Couldn’t you see the trap there? Everyone knows that your bowling in tests is a below-par affair. After all these years playing international cricket from where did this sudden revelation came from? So what was the reason to take you as All-rounder? Wasn’t it was a trap? Ponder it and read further and you would get the picture.
It is public knowledge that the relation between you & Greg Chappell is not so hunky-dory since things turned sour during and after the Zimbabwe tour. So what was going on his mind when he repeatedly stated “Performance is the only criteria”? Your recent poor run might have made him sure that you wouldn’t succeed. Or what is the alleged 7-0 verdict of selection committee including COACH and CAPTAIN after you performed well? If performance was the sole criteria then Gautam Gambhir, Ajit Agarkar and Harbhajan Singh wouldn’t be in the team.
Now one thing that appall us cricket fans is the new regime’s politics. The former regime was hated and ousted because of their politics and nepotism. As soon as Pawar took charge, he announced some bold measures to change the face of Indian cricket. But now he too stooped to play the games and the first scapegoat is you. Believe me, there will be more fun coming up.
You are a beneficiary of former regime’s favoritism and now you are at the receiving end. Think of Mohd. Kaif, after many successful outings had to sit out in the recent Zimbabwe test. He was excluded to accommodate you. Now things have come a full circle for you.
As things stand, Dada, it is better you quit. It is not an advice. Just a friendly plea. Because you will find it difficult to get back into the team as long as Dravid And Chappell at helm. Consider this; Dravid was your deputy for many years, you have helped him, he has helped you but during your exclusion or yesterday’s news of your being dropped, did he utter a word of consolation? Yeah, he said that your contribution was valuable to the team’s cause, but he could have said that in the Selection committee. Or he could at least have called you and said something soothing. But that was not the case.
Cricket is a cruel game. Yesterday’s heroes are today’s villain. So decide upon your future. It is made very clear that you are unwanted. We are such a thankless people, not very long we were hailing you as the savior of Indian Cricket. Now you got the sack and bricks.
Whatever your faults are, be it running out your mates, or performance, you don’t deserve this ridiculing. And call it a day when you can. It is better than being dropped from next series and the next. And the next.

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