Monday, December 05, 2005

Firebrands Fired!!!

The recent two incidents send shocking waves across Indian political fraternity. They are not connected each other but similar in nature and it’s result. Raj Thackeray revolt causes heartburn to Shivsena, “Sanyasin” Uma Bharti’s outburst resulted in her ouster from the party. (As of now, the news is not confirmed, but all indications points towards her ouster).
There is a lot of similarities between these two leaders. Both are hardcore Hindutva advocates, Loves to be in the spotlight, uncanny knack to incite their followers with inflammatory speeches and both are sidelined in their own party due to their misgivings abot the leadership. At a time both these leaders where the party’s lifeline and they provided the much needed charisma to their election campaigns. They were largely responsible for their party’s turn-around of fortunes in their state and seen as the heirs of their respective outfit’s top post. An analysis of their fall out;
Uma Bharti.
She was the firebrand leader, a hardcore Hindutva advocate and, to top it all, a Sanyasin. Her saffron robs and the ability to stir the mob through her speeches gave her an aura of invincibility. And at a time when BJP doesn’t have a strong second-line leaders and VHP & RSS was the party’s main core, Uma grew to fill this vacuum. She was the pet of party. But it all changed after the arrival of GenNext leaders like Pramod Mahajan, Arun Jaitley and Sushma Swaraj. They led the party towards mild-hindutva and this caused the RSS & VHP lost it’s stranglehold on the party. BJP has become more or less like another parties. It has lost it’s cadre nature and has become power hungry.
Ms. Bharti’s outburst last year was a precursor to the things that are in store. L.K. Advani’s remarks about Jinna in Pakistan had caused further alienation of VHP & RSS from BJP and Ms. Bharti scooped up the opportunity to appease the VHP by openly criticizing Advani. But to her utter astonishment, no one come for rescue when party suspended her. Then she apologized and made her comeback to the fold. But this time, when the party denied her the post of CM of Madhya Pradesh, she came out and started her attack on BJP.
Raj Thackeray
Much the same story as Uma Bharti. Was an upcoming politician, blessed with mass appeal and sharp tongue. The apparent heir to Bal Thackeray until Thackeray Sr. appointed his own son as the chief. Under him his influence wilted and his followers were denied assembly tickets. Things were heading to an all-time low for Raj when he spoke publicly against the way things carried out in Shivsena. But the first revolt was tamed by the Lion, Bal Thackeray, by inviting Raj to his house and the three made a round table discussion. As a result Raj was assured more say in things, more executive powers and gave him more powers. On Paper. In fact Uddhav was more determined to cut down his powers and the next assembly election saw Raj’s supporters denied tickets. This led to the last rebellion and Raj is busy meeting his functionaries to float his own party.

It all boils down to one thing. POWER. Everyone wants a piece of the pie. Upon denied, they start pointing fingers and rebellion. Some may succeed in politics by either means. Their own party or joining some other. Some fades into the pages of history. Anyway No India has got Two more party. That brings up the number to 1002(aprox). For those who don’t know read my previous article It’s Raining Parties in India .This will give you a fair idea about indian politics!

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