Saturday, August 19, 2006

Terrorism in a bipolar world - part 3

The Modus operandi
It is public knowledge that terrorists operate in very unconventional way. In a war, forces fight against each other, but in a war against terrorism, the forces are hidden among the civilians, hell, the enemy IS the civilians. Just look at how Hezbollah went about the war with Israel.
The operation starts at picking recruits. For this, Jihadi outfits heavily depend upon Madrassas, and Muslim dominated countries. Once they get their marks, next step is to turn the new recruit into a walking time bomb. Constant brain washing by describing how Muslims have to suffer all over the world, showing the most devastating effects of riots, and other atrocities against Muslims. The constant feeding of this information turns him into believing that the whole world is against him. The recruit is not allowed to ask any questions or h can’t verify the authenticity of the facts that is produced in front of him.
Next is training. Our neighboring country provides ample opportunity and logistic support for them. From these camps they learn the art of death.

The method they adopt to kill their enemies are the most disgusting and fearsome. Chopping off the head heads the list. Hanging comes second. The mode of war is Guerilla style. Hide until the opportune moment ad strike. This makes them effective and elusive.
So how can we stop this menace? What are our choices? I want to check the options that we have first. But do we have any options? Let’s see.
Long term
The government shouldn’t indulge in a vindictive head hunting and arrest & harass law abiding Muslims. This will further alienate them from the social mainstream and makes them easy prey for terrorist head hunters. We feel enraged after the wasteful killing of innocents and react with the same tenacity. That is exactly the terrorists are hoping for. They could attract more youths using this as an excuse. True, we must hunt down the culprits and in the process some innocents are bound to be harassed, but what justifies the mass arrests from a Muslim dominant area for every terror attack?
Second, the government should think about starting / supporting the Madrassas and should regulate them properly. Not a single Illegal Madrassa should be allowed. The government can recruit Mullahs & other Muslim clerics who can play a vital role in educating the youth and guiding them. The fiery fanatics should not be able to exploit the insecurity among the Muslim youth freely.
The Police force should be able to act without any bias. It is a well documented fact that during the Gujarat Riots police was abetting the rioters. The police force should be freed from the clutches of low-grade politics.
The ghetto-isation of Muslim community is dominant. Something has to be done since this is what the terrorists exploit to hide and stockpile their weapons. Former terrorists and criminals, who have surrendered, can be used as informers and their identity should be protected.
The most important thing. Politicians with a shady background shouldn’t be allowed any spectrum in politics. Technically, they can compete but I don’t think they can beat the combined might of others. Those who try to earn a few votes by inciting riots, inflammatory speeches, and offering rewards for killing should be dealt with very strict norms. When police was still investigating the role of SIMI (Students Islamic Movement of India) in the Mumbai Bomb Blasts, UP CM Mulayam singh Yadav gave a clean chit to the organization. He should be brought to book for abetting terrorism, interfering in police investigation and Anti-nationalist statements!
Short Term.
Most of the people I spoke to react in the same way. Attack Pakistan. Is that the answer to all our woes? If that’s true, then Israel must be the safest & happiest country. But the fact is if we defeat Pakistan, which is not that easy considering the nuclear capabilities of both the nations, there will be thousand other locations terrorist’s can choose from. America did the same mistake by attacking Taliban. Are thy any safer now? I say they are more prone to terrorist attack now. One Afghanistan gone, New Somalia, Bangladesh and others can spring up. Or like England, home grown terrorists can do it! So while trying to reveal the role Pakistan plays, we should strengthen our borders by fencing them completely to stop infiltration, and keep our youths from taking up Jihad by educating ad spreading the awareness about the pitfalls of terrorism.
The discrimination in the society must end. When the Babri Masjid was demolished, the government banned RSS, Bajrang Dal and a few other Muslim organizations. While the ban on Muslim organizations are still on, RSS & Bajrang Dal got the ban revoked. Why ban Muslim organizations when the equal culprits of hate-crime- the RSS & Bajrang Dal- are free and can do anything? What is the criteria used to ban / or allow their activities? If it is not the same yardstick, then where is the basic problem lies?

I hope all the nations rise to the new challenge that they are facing. The challenge from an unknown entity. A faceless, yet a very efficient, ruthless death machine. To succeed in this un-holy war, one need perseverance, will and unorthodox methods. It is not a phenomenon where you can wipe out the threat just by using artillery and bombs, but need sweeping changes as well.


whistlingwoods said...

A VERY insightful analysis indeed. I wish these erudite arguments somehow penetrate the air heads that exist world over. Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

While all almost all the indian (and a few from other contries) muslims I know revile the RSS and BJP - equating them to nazis, fascists etc., they NEVER mention what the muslim fundamentialist parties are doing.

Anyway to answer your question about the ban: the RSS and BJP are not going around blowing up thinks like the SIMI etc are.

Shinu Mathew said...

I chose to disagree there Anon.
Yes The RSS and Bajrang Dal did blow up and kill! Take the Babri masjid, the Killings of Missionaries in Orissa and other Eastern states...Take the Communal Riots...
For any secular mind, they are just equal to any of these terrorists..