Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Terrorism in a bipolar world - part 2

Nationalism Vs Religion
A recent survey conducted in London has revealed startling facts. About 24% of London Muslims think the July 7 suicide bombing was justified. The most radical view came from people below 24 years! And 25% despise the freedom in the society and want to see Sharia law implemented! 33% dream of London Becomes an Islamic state one day! Details of this survey is available here.
Startling? Well, as I wrote in the first part, the way Muslims look at the world has changed. Most importantly, the youngsters are more attracted to the fanaticism and are more rigid in believes. The gap between Muslims and the Rest is growing. The bridging attempts are met with skepticism and those who try it are labeled anti-Islam. The new emerging face of Islam is of an intense, sweeping typhoon. It will progress by smashing everything in its wake. Destruction is the way. Terror is the weapon it uses to dominate.

What are the motives? Is it to establish an Islamic state? Or is it an attempt to break free from the clutches of free-world and go back to orthodox Islam? Let’s take the case of India, a long-term sufferer of Islamist militancy.
If I am correct, during the 80’s islamist terrorism started in the Kashmir valley as a freedom movement. I am not delving into the wrongs and rights of Indian government’s approach against it, since I am too small to do that. But at that time it was a Kashmiri resistance force. During the years hard core militants, mostly from outside of India emerged on the scene and the sole aim of these groups were to destroy India. Pakistan, freely, helped them with training, ammunition and money and provided haven in their territory. And the world viewed India’s claims with skepticism. For them it was a territorial dispute and nothing else; Till 9/11. Till they realize that this is not an isolated incident and their backyards are breeding ground for a new generation that hates their motherland, or adopted motherland for their believes. Suddenly there was a global wave against terrorism. In fact this helped the terrorists to gain global recognition and started a ghetto-isation of Islamic interests. First goal achieved.
Second was to spread the terror web across the globe. They recognized the difficulty of operating their usual hard-core image in the changed scenario and found new ways. Thus born the sleeper cell ideas. This was the most difficult to trace. The Jihadi has a new face. That of a boy-next-door. They act very normal, are part of your local group, engage in regular activities. Suddenly they get their orders, execute them, and go back to normalcy. The Mumbai blasts were an example.
Another aim is to spread terror and disrupt the functioning of the government machinery. I can testify for one thing that I live in perennial fear ever since the recent Mumbai blasts. Every time I see a bearded face, inadvertently my eyes go to his hands to see whether he is carrying a package. Every time I see a big package on the racks of the train, I search for a bearded, capped face. I know I am being silly but can’t help it. During the preceding days of Indian Independence day, I was contemplating about taking leave. I believe that most of my colleagues feel the same way.
As conclusion, it is everything that I mentioned at the beginning. It is to establish an Islamic rule world wide as the final motive. As a way, first to terrorize the world, dominate the society and make them submissive. Non-believers have no place in their scheme of things.
So the terrorists are winning in that perception. As Santosh Desai wrote in Times of India a few days back, if one doesn’t care about one’s own life, he can’t be stopped. Is there any way to stop the terrorist juggernaut?
[To be continued]

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