Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Terrorism in a bipolar world - part 1

1st Aug 2006, Times Of India.
An excellent article by Pritish Nandy.
The euphemisms that he talks about could not be more accurate. On this line, I too have something to jot down.
After reading this, don’t label me a fundamentalist. Or a Pseudo secularist. I am neither. Just an individual, shell shocked after seeing the destruction a misled individual can inflict upon innocent victims.
Why almost 90% terrorists are Muslims? LTTE, IRA, yes non-Islamic terrorists are there but the lion’s share of this ilk goes to that particular community. Why it is so? What do they gain by shedding innocent blood? Don’t they have any soft-feelings? Are they filled with hatred, so much so that to kill innocent children and women? Try for answers…

In the last 2 decades the average Muslim has changed a lot. The constant harassing they have to undergo in different parts, be it Gujarat Riot, or Palestine, or Iraq has caused the normal Muslim to look at the world differently. It’s an us vs them mentality. This has caused him to embrace the religion fiercely. A new generation was born there. One that put religion and Allah above everything; above one’s own life; they start to relate themselves with the plight of far flung Muslim communities. A radical approach towards everything that is not Islamic. An intolerance and arrogant mentality as spreading like a wild fire. This is the time when the Radical Mullahs and Jihadi agents make the entry. They recruit these hapless young men and turn them into death-machines by constantly brain washing them. Their poor economical and education background wasn’t helping either.
If terrorism can gain anything, it is hatred towards their own community for which they are fighting, or so they claim. If terrorism can achieve their goals, then why Palestine country is still a dream? Why Iraq is still occupied? Could the damage of Gujarat riots be undone? And WHY, Why shed innocent blood? Terrorism is the way of a coward. Those who never were brave enough to reveal his face and fight from the front. Those who recruit poor Muslim boys, brain washing him with the promise of heaven after death and a few thousand Rupees. If they can get along with foreign mercenaries, why can’t they get along with their neighbors?
The fundamentalists misinterpret the Prophet’s words and quote it for their own good. Where did Allah said to Kill innocents? To kill Women and children? They say those who don’t believe in Islam is Kafir. And Prophet said it is alright to kill Kafirs. But in prophets own words, Kafir is he who obscure the truth. He who don’t believe in Truth. Enough for misleading?
What was the intention behind the Mumbai Blasts? Or NY WTC attack? Or Spain bombings? Did they kill anyone who is RESPONSIBLE for their plight? In every atrocity that is committed by these lunatics, scores of innocents are getting killed. And governments seldom care for innocent blood.
So, this is a request to those who plan the next massacre. Please spare us. We are in no way responsible for Palestine, Gujarat, Iraq or god only knows whatever else. We want to live in peace. We want to reach our homes, to our children everyday after work. We don’t want to end up as a ripped apart body in one of those bloody explosions.


Mumbai Guy said...

Big topic with simple answer. Muslims and everyone else should renounce violence, whatever may be the cause. True there are moderate muslims but I fail to understand why they do not speak up.

This whole mid-east conflict was started by kidnapping of two soldiers. Look where everyone stands now. It was well known Israel would react so why did they kidnap in first place especially since they saw Israelis leveling Gaza during same time for same crime Palestinian militants comitted.

Some say that Israel is not justified in using this big a force for two civilians. My point is today they kidnap two, tomorrow maybe more. Because hezbollah is an organization which manifests itself for such violent cause.

Look at Pak, they keep telling lies about how they do not support terrorism. Do you think they will stop those camps if we give them kashmir?

Everywhere I see, terrorists blowing up planes, buildings, trains. Who gets killed? Innocent people. Worse is there are people then saying maybe the terrorist had a cause? They kind of justifies the terrorist action like they are doing now. By killing innocent people?

Latest incident was Pakistani man killing 1 and injuring few seriously in US saying he was upset with Israel. What if someone else who was affected by 911 or 711 says they hate all muslims because Osama was a muslim?

Violence should never be encouraged, never justified and never supported. Be it any religion or country or cause. Because only innocent suffer.

whistlingwoods said...

Mujahideen (مجاهدين) is a plural form of mujahid (مجاهد), which literally translates from Arabic as "struggler", someone who engages in jihad, or "struggle", but is often translated as "holy warrior."

A terrorist is indeed a struggler. He is a man who has failed in his duty as a son, brother, father, or husband. He struggles with the harsh realities of life. When the fruitless struggle seems endless, he goes berserk. He looks for an outlet for his failure. He ceases to be Moslem, once he dons the mantle of Jihad. A euphemism for terrorist.

Islam prohibits everything that these jihadis indulge in. These souls believe in a religion of their own making. They seem to inhabit a parallel universe. They cease to be human. A euphemism for satan.

They fiercely believe that they are foot soldiers in a holy war. A holy war to fulfil the unholy machinations of a few deranged minds. A holy war that will make them martyrs. That will make them immortal. A euphemism for a slow, painful death.

Mumbai Guy said...

If I were asked to summarize, I would just like to say that Terrorists and all those so called "freedom fighters" are blasting trains, planes, buildings causing death to innocent civilians. These civilians belong to all religions, race, region.

What I mean to say is that if innocent civilians are getting the brunt, who do these bastards stand for? And if they stand for no one, No one should stand for them. As simple as it is.

And I liked this editorial. Good point made.

and also check this link

to see how people blindly support hezbollah. There is not a single word on returning the kidnapped soldiers or to denounce hezbollah.

Shinu Mathew said...

Exactly muy point of View. After every atrocity committed by terrorists, the Moderate Section condemn the act. But why can't they launch an offensive against these conspiracies taking place in their own background? Unusual visits by foriegners, unusual activities in the neighbourhood, a vigilant man could sense danger just by keeping tabs of his more reclusive neighbours.
Why don't they just make sure that teaching in the Madrasa is strictly about Koran and not incitation? Why don't they just make sure their son/brother/cousine don't go astray and get into the trap of Jihadis?
I am planning the second installment of this. Keep watching this space..
Thx for commenting1
You are true about the failed individual turning to terrorism. But the recent pattern where an Engineer, drawing a salary of 40K per month turning to terrorism breaks all the mould. And a doctor, well off guys , executives all are trapped by the jihadis. There is no typical face for this terror. Those perpetrators could be anyone.

whistlingwoods said...

Helllo Shinu,

Failure has many faces. That these so called educated people turn to evil acts is exactly that-- a failure. Failure to exist as rational human beings. Failure to follow the tenets of religion--any religion. Failure to see the big picture. In these acts of terror they feel that they taste success.

Failure to define failure.

whistlingwoods said...

Shinu, waiting for the sequel...

Shinu Mathew said...

The sequel is coming up within a couple of days. Gathering data now..

Mayur said...

preety intesting blog u've got here and must say i'm an impressed indian!
keep it up dude!