Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My prediction about the blasts came true!!

I don't like to tell you "I told you". But in May 17 I have made a startling prediction Here. How prophetic it was!! But our Intelligent agencies were nowhere near with their thousands of informants and fancy gadgets. May be in India, The Indian meteorological DEpartment (IMD - Indian Wheather bureau) and our Intelligence agencies are on same wavelength. None of their predictions came true!!


Mumbaikar said...


When the Mumbaikars were helping the injured.. you took pictures???? And then you went and sold it???

What more can I are more cold blooded than the terrorists who did this!!!!

mumbaikar said...

And now you are blowing your own trumpet???? Sitting and gloating at your 'predictions'!!!

You are one of the lowliest worms in Mumbai and not fit to be called a Mumbaikar!!!

hindustan said...

Absolutely ... What a junk you are shinu ... Shame On you...

Shinu Mathew said...

There are strong sentiments expressed by the readers at my cold-blodedness and how lowly a worm I am and how I am worser than the terorrists and how much of a fool I am to sell the photographs etc.
First and foremost I am a photographer and it is my DUTY to get the news in pics to the people. If all our reporters, photographers and TV journalists are expected to do the rescue work? I saw that there was not a single cameraman around, and it was the need of the minute. REach the news, with shocking pics to the people. I don't understand the lambasting. I was doing the necessary. There were hundred of people doing the rescue work. I was there as a reporter / Cameraman.
Second my selling the photos. And leaving the place. I think you people are over-reacting without knowing the whole fact. Yes I did sell it, and as a freelancer photogrpaher I did the right thing. Do you expect the TV crew, Newspaper guys to give away their precious exlcusive coverage without a price? I wasn't looking to make a kill there. So how do you think I finance my Photographic equipment? As a freelance photographer, I need money to keep in service and that's why you guys got to see the exclusive pics of the blast.
My photogrpahic fraternity will understand the feelings. For you who calls me a bastard, a worm and a fool, how many of you bastards gone and donated your blood? how many of you took time and visit the Injured? How many of you gave a glass of water to the injured? It's easy to critisize sitti9ng in your homes. I was out there in the midst of blast, risked my life to get the ipics. Had there been another bomb in the same train, I could have got killed.
I don't request to respect me. And I don't respect who, needlessly, calls me a bastard. If you don't like my actions, don't comeback.

whistlingwoods said...

Hey Shinu,

I think you shouldn't dignify these foolish remarks by responding to them. Unfortunately, our country abounds in whiners like these. You are a brave person and have done the right thing.

Shinu Mathew said...

Amit, Thanks for the soothing words.
You know, Had I been a coward like those commenters, I could have easily removed their comments. They are such cowards, that they can't reveal their blogger name. Or they don't simply understand blogging and reporting.
I always prefer to answer my readers in one-on-one. I don't want to break the tradition just because some looney minds accusing me of being cold-blooded and compassionless. These people, who doesn't have the slightest grasp of News ethics and proceedings, go on and impale the whole press & cameramen for not helping in the rescue!!

Shinu Mathew said...

And what's wrong with my "gloating" at my prediction? If an average citizen can sense danger in the way the things are going, why can't our Intelligent agencies sense it? Why there was this collective failure, at state level, and center and RAW?

Mumbai Guy said...

Shinu is right. When there were people around helping, someone as to take pictures. And that is how we got to see the pictures. Everyone has to do thier job and here Shinu has done his. If someone was asking for help and there were no volunteers helping, then it is different story.

I too would like to ask the same question, how many of us have actually helped?. In any way?

mumbaikar said...

To Mumbai Guy,

Hope you are enjoying the pictures because your pal Shinu took so much trouble to see that people get to enjoy the spectacle. Afterall taking gory pictures is so important isn't it? What a sorry lot you all are!

To Shinu,

Hope these pictures will keep you 'intoxicated'. Isn't that the reason why you took them in the first place? The intoxicating feeling of being the first to arrive at the scene, never mind the fact that had you helped at that crucial time instead of taking pictures, you may have saved some lives?

Shinu Mathew said...

What's wrong with you? Were you at the site? sis you see what was it like?
you seems to have taken an agenda against my photography and hell bend on destroying my credibility? Well, you and your whining group can't do that. And you know one thing? This is the last time I am answering you.
As I said earlier, if you don't like my actions why keep coming back?

Sirensongs: Indologist At Large said...

Shinu: Without medical training and equipment, it is unlikely you could have done anything to save lives. In fact, to move an injured person is often to cause severe spinal or other damage. You did the right thing; you have provided a service to the world by illustrating the graphic results of hatred and violence wherever they occur. Good on ya. NOT taking photos of it would not have helped, at all.

As for the predictions: did you see the great movie "the Insider"? Well worth your time. One of the things the grizzled, hardened old tv news producer tells the younger more idealistic one: "I used to be like you. I used to think that if we got information out to people, it would change things." You can do all in your power to get information to the people...they still have to take action. Michael Moore I'm sure could tell you all about this.

whistlingwoods said...

To Mumbaikar (if you have the balls to come back!). You seem to be afflicted with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). You are perched high above in an ivory tower. You, not Shinu, seems to be intoxicated. Filled to the hilt by a genuine hatred toward one and all. I feel sorry for you and your demented mentality.

My dear friend you need help.

Anonymous said...

To Mumbaikar (if you have the balls to visit!): I feel you suffer from dementia. My dear friend you need help. Do consult a doctor YOU trust. Although I have a feeling that you trust no one. Take care.

Nero said...

Am on your side, Shinu. Sitting safe at home and criticizing others is the easiest thing to do. Ignore them.

Mumbai Guy said...

First of all, you should really have read my comments before giving your smart-ass comments back. I mentioned quite clearly that it would be different if there were no volunteers.

Enjoying the spectacle of gory pictures might be your characteristics. That is the difference between me and you. For people like me, these are the pictures which shows how gruesome the incident was. Who knows looking at immediate pictures might actually be some investigation help or give clues. Are you saying no one should have taken pictures or videos?

Shinu is my pal just as you are his. So take that crap out about pal argument. Before you call anyone sorry lot, take a moment to inspect your smart-ass yourself. You will be really sorry you didn't check yourself first. And the next time you comment, please keep abusive words out from your lines. Not appreciated by anyone.

Shinu Mathew said...

MG & Amit,
Thanks for the comments! You make me feel better!
Nero, Thx buddy!