Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Explosives seized in Nashik

Image obtained from Times Of India

May 8 – 40 Kg of RDX seized from suspected LeT terrorists from Aurngabad-nashik highway
May 14 – 50 Powerful grenades along with other explosives found from Nashik.
May 17 – 13.5 Kg of RDX, 5 Kalashnikov, live ammunition seized from Nashik.

The recent seizure of high-grade explosives and other ammunitions and the subsequent arrests of some terrorists is worrisome news for the Mumbai Cops. The proximity of these sites to Mumbai makes it more disturbing. If the rumblings are any indication, then the terrorists are planning for a major operation within or near to this City.
For those who follow the terrorist movements, things have been little quiet for some time. No major operations, no press statements and no major scale infiltration. All these points to one thing. They are preparing for some big challenge. Was this consignment heading for Mumbai or was it meant for Kashmir?
The timely discovery and seizure of this explosives and live ammunition might have deferred a catastrophe but how much of it has gone undetected is unknown. Keep your fingers crossed and stay alert.


dhruv said...

wow...dude, i know this is some worrying news. Lets just hope we dont see another 9/11 in India :/

Shinu Mathew said...

Dhruv, It is indeed. Now analysts say that the entire consignement was from one source and meant for our city. Some say it was aimed at Bal Thackeray, and that means inciting communal hatred. You know how it is if anything happens to Thackeray by a terrorist outfit. This city will burn.
No it's not going to be 9/11. They don't have the wherewithall to succeed in such an operation, and our Police have deep rooted informants. This is some thing like a synchronized multiple attacks. I really hope we seized all that.

Anonymous said...

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dhruv said...

I hope so. For all our sakes :(

Shinu Mathew said...

@Anon :))
I know who & why you did that. If you think you remain faceless, there is a thing called IP adress recorded for all the visits.
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If you still think you have a spine, check with a doc. If you had one, you would have , at least left your name here. :))

dhruv said...

ooohhh...a flame fest!

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So shinu wheres the fire? :D

I'll like to burn those pro-reservations scum into the ground... Just tell me their co-ordinates! >:-)

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Shinu Mathew said...

Your suggestion worked. IT was a transparent proxy. Now I get the latest page, Thx.
About the anon page, I think I have replied them in theie own language. Still if you want to batter them, here is the link