Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Pramod Mahajan passes away

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Pramod Mahajan Passes away.
The death came at 2:30 PM (IST).
All his family members were present at the time of death
My condolence to the grieving family

The situation at Hinduja Hospital is very grim. Mr. Mahajan's heath has taken a turn for worst and reported to be in grave danger. Most of the vital organs, lungs, kidneys, pancreas have stop funtioning. for the first time since his hospitalisation, his whole family was allowed to go into the ICU and spend some time with him. Doctors said that his body stopped to responding to medicines. Senior leaders of both BJP and ShivSena is camping at the hospital and monitoring the developments.
Last few days, there was a slight improvement in his condition and doctors lowered the dosage of medicines that controlled his errattic blood pressure. And the body responded in a positive way. This gave hope but since the infection in lungs got out of control, doctors stopped the medications and asked his family to "pray for a miracle".

My heart goes out to the grieving family and though never met him, he was like a friend. Every day in news, most of the time for positive news. An embattled and tireless politician, a superb manager, and a future prime minister that he was, it looks like he is going to lose the final battle.


Anonymous said...

I regret to learn about the sad demise of our great leader Shri Pramod Mahajan today. I sympathise with their family in this sad bereavement and would like to convey my heartfelt condolences to his family members.

The sudden break in his journey is certainly a heartbreaking and beyond repairs, however, the Rich Legacy of his Good Deeds which he has left behind will always inspire all the family members to live life with courage and give them strength to bear this irreparable loss. It’s a great loss to BJP Party as well to the Indian Politics.

May his soul rest in Peace.

Navin Thomas

dhruv said...

I too am sadden by this tragedy :(