Friday, July 14, 2006

Few photos - Exclusive of Mumbai Blasts - Matunga

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Anonymous said...

I saw this link somewhere and came here. Excuse me, but I am not a blogger, hence the anonymous comment. I read your first hand account too. Without being overly judgemental, I must say that I am disquieted that the freelance photogrpaher in you, snuffed out the human in you. Taking photos was not the need of the hour, but helping people. In case you are wondering what I did to deserve writing this comment, me and my family members made Tea till 3 am for the people stranded near our house.


Vijaylakshmi Menon

Shinu Mathew said...

Dear Ms. Menon,
I am glad that you were one of those people I wrote about in the previous article. It is people like you who keeps the Mumbai spirit soaring.
And I am not going to defend against whoever coming here. If you like a debate about the ethics of reporting and photography, mail me!

Shinu Mathew said...

One of my journalist friend writes;;

As far as your getting flak for taking money: No professional news photographers gives away his or her services no matter how gruesome the circumstance. Why should you be any different? How would not taking money help the situation? All professionals have to get a start somewhere. The guy with a home movie camera (Zapruder was his name) who took the telltale film of JFK's assassination sold it. So did the guy with the WWTowers on 911, and many more. The fees they received turned out to be a pittance, in retrospect....

If anyone criticizes the fact that you took pictures at all, it's simple. The usual crit. is "how could you think of taking photos." How could NOT think of taking photos? After all, there is nothing you could have done to prevent its happening. Once it happened, unless you are a trained doctor there is very little you could have done to help. By taking photos you let the world know the reality of the situation. Taking photos *is* doing something. The photogs who took pictures of starving Appalachian farmers in the US depression were not exploiting them; they let the rest of America know what was really going on. No one believed it otherwise. Same for the people photographing Nazi death camps. Taking photos of real-life situations is a public service.


Mumbai Guy said...

Mumbaikar? you are hiding under some girls name.

Shinu Mathew said...

Mumbai Guy,
Thanks for understanding the situation and standing by me. Did you see Mumbaikars last comment?
He is accusing me of being narrating the incidents in an emotional tone, not in a matter-of-fact tone!!!
Now who was commenting just out of compassion, not taking the situation in to account?