Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mumbai Serial Blast 7/11 - A first hand account from Matunga

The train left Churchgate station at 5:57 PM precise. Me and my friend were little late leaving office so we opted to get in to the second last bogey instead of our normal 4th coach. I was engrossed in my reading and soon the train was entering the Matunga Platform. Since it was a Fast local it doesn’t stop at Matunga. Suddenly a loud explosion occurred. First I thought someone set off a cracker in some celebration. Then there was this sound similar to pelting stones on a sheet metal. (It was the strutting out sheet of metal scraping on the sleepers) My first thought was, “Oh Sh*t, some protests are going on and they are stoning. But by then the overhead wire, carrying 1500 Volt DC, fell to the other side of the train. People started jumping from the moving train. It happened so fast, that I now wonder whether it has happened at all. I shouted “Don’t Panic” to fellow commuters. By then my friend came along and grabbed me towards him and told me to jump. He too felt that the wire fell down and there is a chance of electrocution. By then most of the people got off, jumped to the tracks. In the process, someone broke a leg, some landed on the other etc.
Once got down, I could see the 4th Coach was totally destroyed. I grabbed my camera, ran towards the scene, and once there, regretted my decision.
It was one of the worst scene I ever witnessed. Dead bodies were lying on top of other. I started shooting. But I was so trembling, I got only 5-6 frames right. The rest was spoiled. The scene was horrifying. One man, under two dead bodies, raised his head, looked at my lens then died. Another was sitting on the ground, side of his face totally punched inwards, teeth protruding outwards awkwardly and bleeding. He was so emotionless. Totally shocked. Another lay on the tracks, his innards came out through a big cut in his stomach and was just rolling his head. In despair? Or in Pain? I may never know.
After shooting for some time, I felt dizzy. The smell of blood and the smell of death were all around. It was intoxicating. In fact I read about the smell of death. But came to know only yesterday. Raw flesh, severed limbs and a head, bodies scattered around the tracks… I couldn’t stand it any more.
The courage and Spirit of Mumbai was once again in full swing. By the time Police and Help arrived, a good 45 minute later, most of the injured were transferred to available transport and to hospital. Ripping the train’s seats they made makeshift stretchers and carried the people on it. No one thought about the possible danger. Whether there is another bomb etc.
I made it out of the station to see the spirit once again. Nearby residents and Local Shiv Sena activists came out with snacks, water and some youngsters forcibly stopped the passing by vehicles. Whether it’s a good’s carrier or it’s a Merc. They put the stranded people into the vehicles. At least they can get a little closer to home.
I’ll be continuing this series . Right now I feel stressed out. Seeing all the blood and gore, I wasn’t able to sleep. It’s sheer luck that I am still alive and I thank god for that. And my heart goes out to those families who lost their dear ones. I can’t get one image from my mind. One guy, was in the same position as he was from the beginning of the journey. Sitting, hands supporting head and sleeping. He died in his sleep.


Anonymous said...

I am praying for your city -- for all those killed and hurt in these horrible blasts. Thank you for your reporting amid the chaos.

Mumbai Guy said...

Thanks for sharing your experience and Thank God you are safe. This is by far the closest experience I have read/heard. I Pray that God gives strength to family of people affected by tragedy.

Take care.

whistlingwoods said...

When will these mindless killings stop? What do these people want? Why don't they leave us alone?

Shinu, I am glad that you are safe. I wish those innocents killed were safe too...

A tears silently makes is way on our city's bloodied face.

whistlingwoods said...

When will these mindless killings stop? What do these people want? Why don't they leave us alone?

Shinu, I am glad that you are safe. I wish those innocents killed were safe too...

A tear silently makes is way on our city's bloodied face.

whistlingwoods said...

I fail to understand what do these chidren of Satan want? Why are they hell bent on annihilating people? Be it Iraq, London, Bali, Palestine, Kabul, or Mumbai.

As Shakespeare said, "All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand."

Mustafa said...

Glad to know u r safe.
It could have been my train and my coach. It could have been any of us. I feel so vulnerable. The guilty should be caught and lynched.

Sameer said...

There is one way to fight terrorism. Use terrorism against terrorists. Use the same tactics they use against themselves. Thats just and fair.

Tinky Toinkers said...

the smell of death... god... sounds so ... final. and now i cannot get the image of the guy sleepng with his hand on his head ..
cheers for surviving and being sane enough to jot down your thoughts...

dhruv said...

wow shinu, i am so glad that you're ok. it was a horrible tragedy that happened to us. hopefully, such kind of incident doesnt happen anywhere else. please continue your first hand account.

Anonymous said...

The people of NYC stand behind India in this terrible time. We can no longer allow Islamists to destroy life. Time to do something.

Dilip D'Souza said...

Shinu, I'm devastated by your account. Let's talk sometime soon.

Yogesh Jangam said...

Hi shinu. Good to know you are safe. niel was worried about you. i have posted this link to tell that you are is safe.

God it must have been horrible!! i just cant imagine what you must have felt when you say the guy raise his head and die and then the guy who died in his sleep.

God bless the rested souls!..

Shinu Mathew said...

Anon 1; Please pray for our city. We need a lot of it these days! Thx for reading.
Mumbai Guy; Thx. The exp was totally devastating. I am still under shock. Haven't slept well for the last two days;
Amit; That's the question playing on everyone's lips. Why, Who, When it will stop etc.. I am glad to know that you are safe. I tried to call you but to no avail.
Mustafa; it could have been anybody. Fate chose those poor fellows. We escaped this time, but Now I am not sure how long our luck will last. Mumbai has the softest underbelly for terrorist attacks. We are so vulnerable.
Sameer; Who would you kill? Who are these terrorists? If they had a face, then it would have been easy.
Tinkey; Thanks Tinky
Dhruv; Me too hope that!
Anon 2; Thanks for the support! But it's not islamists, but Islamic-extremists.
Dilip; me too sir. Yes I'll call you!
Yogesh; Thx. Yes, it was one experience that will never fade away from my memmory. It's too deeply ingrained!

Nero said...

Am glad you are safe and well, Shinu. The famous Mumbaikar resilience will bring the city back to normal in no time, but the families which have lost loved ones due to no fault of theirs will be scarred forever.
Which third rate cowardly bastard attacks innocent commuters instead of taking on proper fighting men?

Anonymous said...

Hi Shinu,
I am glad u r safe.
But somehow couldnt digest the fact that u were busy takin snaps when people were dying, and u sold it to the news crew...
Nothing to be proud of...
Well u may not have received a comment like this... But I am sorry to say that I have to write this.

mumbaikar said...


When the Mumbaikars were helping the injured.. you took pictures???? And then you went and sold it???

What more can I say..you are more cold blooded than the terrorists who did this!!!!

Hindustan said...

Mumbaikar you are perfectly right.. When our brothers were dieng in pain, shinu had gone to develop and sell his photographs ..What a fool!!!!!

Aamchi Mumbai said...

Shinu ... how did u have the heart to leave the people back in pain just sell ur photographs for a few bucks....
Man, U should have helped the other true mumbaikars in their good deed..
U are above GOD man ....

Sameer Deshpande said...

Shinu ..
I used to respect you ...
But i think u are not worthy of it.....
You are such a cold-blooded bastard... making money out of the death of other people ..
I really cannot understand how fools like Mustafa, dhruv are congratualating you...
Shame on you...

Mallu Christian said...

Take this advise from a fellow Mallu Christian. Donate that money you made on selling those snaps to the treatment of blast victims or to charity. This is the best you can do now.

It was really pathetic of you to take snaps instead of helping the wounded and I dont have words to convey on what you did with those snaps. Let our Lord Jesus Christ forgive you.

Anonymous said...

Without knowing you were a freelance photographer I made the above comment. This is the first time I visited your blog via a link posted in another blog.

Prudent Indian said...

I have to Mumbai many a times and love the city.each and every time this city is targeted it saddens me and more than that it infurates me.
I wish to convey to all Mumbaikers that they are not alone and their fellow country men/women in India and abroad extend our unconditional and unqualified support to you.
Anil Joshi

Shinu Mathew said...

Thx for the advice Mallu_Christian.
Here is one of my journalist friend's letter.
YAYYYYY!!! First of all, I am just so glad you are okay. It dawned on me that you may have been taking one of the commuter trains and I had not heard from you.

Secondly, are you kidding? Exclusive pics are great! I would have done the exact same thing! Good for you! Can I run your letter and use some of them on my Blog??

Glad you are alive and your newshound instinct is intact!


Joel the Maverick said...

Why there is this brouhaha about his taking money for his work? He is a photographer and it's his job. If not helping is case, then why there was thousands of onlookers and a handful rescuers? He did his bit and that's taking snaps.
Don't just criticize because he sold it. Any other freelancer would do the same. If he is to be crucified, then let's first hang all our Media persons. They were not co-operating in the rescue mission. And they sometimes came in the way of rescue for taking pix. They makes thousands of lakhs profit from disasters.
I guess you losers owe an apology to him.

Asim said...

I am not going to crucify you. It may be a unethical for other, but since you are a photographer (and I believe it because I saw your flickr page), it is within ethics. I am one and I do the same. Infact you were in the right place at the right time.

mumbaikar said...

Joel the maverick:

When there were thousands of media persons at the scene why add to the count specially when Shinu is not a full time media photographer. It certainly wasnt his job. We all own camera's, that does not make us Freelance camera men!!!
Shinu is in the same class as that photographer who chased, killed and then photographed Diana.

Shinu Mathew said...

Repeatedly I added that there was not a single camera person and that's why I call these p'graphs an Exclusive & Scoop. May be you just check your eye sight and brush up your reading skills!!

Shinu Mathew said...

How can you say I am not a full time p'grapher? So your problem is not the photograph, but I Took it!!!
It seems that you have a personal grudge against me from some past commenting (Most probably about reservations - and I hope your name is not some clash). I am enabling the IP logging and let me check whether all these lambasting, anon, Hindustan, sameer Deshpande, mumbaikar & Vijayalakshmi menon came from one computer :))

mumbaikar said...


Why are you enbaling IP logging when a techie like me will never risk using a registered IP adress? :)) Besides, I see that your commenters have been extremely restraintful in avoiding bad language and flaming. I see only distressed comments here. Most political bloggers are not so lucky!

Anyways I want to say that your last comment made sense that photogrpahers do bring the real picture to the peoples homes.

I am not Clash and I realise the reaction you are getting here is due to your narration of the incident. You should have been more matter of fact and less emotional. Hope you take my comments in the right spirit.

geeknoob said...

One needs to have history documented, lest people forget.

We all gravitate to where our instincts are in such times; be they coordinating the help, providing first aid, minding the lost children of parents hurt or killed, or documenting the pain via blogosphere and photos.

All are equally important.

My sympathies with all of India at this time, from NYC...

Shinu Mathew said...

Joel, Asim, geek, Prudent, Mumbaikar, Mallu, Sameer etc...
Thanks for visiting.
Mumbaikar, Had you been this sane in your previous commenting, this much level-headed, this much matter-of-fact, then I guess these commenting slugfest wouldn't have occured. I am enabling IP logging not to find out your location or not for identifying you, but to check, whether all these like-minded comments, Sameer, Hindustani, Anons came from the same location. You yourself made it very clear that you are some kind of shady character. Otherwise why you state you never use a registered IP? It means you have something to hide!!
I am glad that at last, I was able get the message across to you!
Now, who was being emotional? I was in the midst of a tragedy, and seeing all those blood and gore, I WAS emotional. I was shocked. I slept firfully for the last three nights! I can't close my eye. If I did, I was seeing all those dead bodies! But, you, being in the safety of your house, started shooting your mouth in an inflammatory tone calling me names! Who was being emotional?
I respect all the readers of my blog. But when someone start attacking my integrity as a person, I can't stand back and take it all in stride. In that case, I think I am more like Zidane. :)
Instead of wasting the time on my taking photographs, you should have thought about those who are injured in the blasts, and should have said a prayer.
Now still a few questions are unanswered. How much did you donate to the victim fund, since you have a high moral value? Did you donate your blood? did you visit any of those injured? It's easy shooting off your mouth and be Righteous. But it is another to get down from the perch, and DO something!

mumbaikar said...

To answer your last questions..yes we have collected a fair amount of money for the victims in our office. And going by the que I may get to donate blood a little later. Unlike you, I have done something and right now after this comment I am going for a citizens meeting in our area that will seek to redress grievances of victims.

Reg IP, it would not be ethical to convey my personal views using office resourses like the comp, paid working time and Internet would it?

But I still don't condone your actions. If every citizen thought like you and started taking pictures during tragedies in the name of photo journalism then we would have a greater tragedy in our hands.

Now let me see if you allow this comment to be seen.

Anonymous said...

From rediff website - July 21, 2006

There has been considerable disappointment in India over what is perceived as the continuing US reluctance to act against Pakistan for using terrorism against India.

The negative attitude of President Bush and the US State Department in the wake of the Mumbai blasts of July 11 is nothing new. Protection of Pakistan from the consequences of its wrong-doing against India has been a consistent element in US policy-making towards India and Pakistan ever since our independence in 1947 -- whichever party was in power in Washington, DC.

To illustrate this, I am giving below instances, which were within my personal knowledge as an officer of the Intelligence Bureau from July 1967 to September 1968, and of the Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW) from September 1968 to August 31, 1994:

The Sino-Indian war of 1962 brought out the serious inadequacies in the IB's capability for the collection of technical intelligence about China. After obtaining then prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru's approval, the IB sought the assistance of US intelligence for strengthening its TECHINT capability.

US intelligence, with the approval of John F Kennedy, then the US president, agreed to supply the required equipment and train IB officers who would be using this equipment. However, it imposed a condition that this equipment would be used only for the collection of TECHINT from China and not from Pakistan. When R&AW was formed in September 1968, with the late Rameshwar Nath Kao as its head, the division handling this equipment was transferred to R&AW.

In the 1970s, Kao visited Washington, DC at the invitation of the then director of the Central Intelligence Agency to discuss Indo-US intelligence cooperation.

Some years later, Kao told me that during his discussions in Washington DC, the CIA chief told him as follows: 'Ramji, we all cheat in this profession. I know R&AW will cheat and use the equipment given by us for the collection of TECHINT about Pakistan. Make sure our State Department does not come to know of it. If it does, the State Department will demand that we cancel our cooperation with you and withdraw from you the equipment given by us. I will have to do this.'

Between 1981 and 1984, Khalistani terrorists hijacked a number of Indian Airlines aircraft to Lahore. When one of these aircraft landed in Lahore, Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence found the hijackers had no weapons.

They had intimidated the pilot into flying to Lahore by claiming that they had a weapon which they would use if he did not obey their instructions. The ISI gave the hijackers a German-made revolver. They used that revolver to intimidate the pilot to take the plane to Dubai. The Dubai authorities terminated the hijacking, seized the revolver from the hijackers and handed it over to the Indian authorities.

R&AW sought the assistance of the then West German intelligence to find out who this revolver was sold to by the German company that had manufactured it. After making enquiries, the West German intelligence replied that the revolver seized by the Dubai authorities from the Khalistani hijackers was part of a consignment sold by the West German company to the Pakistan army.

The State Department was not prepared to accept this as adequate proof of Pakistani sponsorship of terrorism against India.

After the Khalistanis took to terrorism in 1981 with the ISI's assistance, the IB and R&AW collected a lot of intelligence regarding ISI training camps in Pakistani Punjab for the terrorists, the arms and ammunition supplied by the ISI to the terrorists etc.

Whenever we produced this intelligence before the US authorities and requested them to act against Pakistan, they would reject it on the ground that the intelligence was gathered during interrogation of suspects, who must have been tortured by the Indian police.

When we produced technical intercepts, they would reject them on the ground that it was difficult to prove their authenticity.

After the blowing up of Air India's Kanishka off the Irish coast on June 23, 1985, Western intelligence agencies got worried over the activities of the Khalistani terrorists. Many of them started monitoring the activities of the terrorists. They collected valuable technical intelligence regarding the ISI's assistance to the terrorists.

One Western agency even collected intelligence that the ISI had given shelter in Pakistani territory to Talwinder Singh Parmar, the leader of the Babbar Khalsa in Canada, who was actively involved in blowing-up the Kanishka.

These agencies (not those of the US) shared with R&AW all the intelligence collected by them about the links between the ISI and Khalistani terrorists. I was asked to visit the headquarters of these intelligence agencies, meet my counterparts and request them to share with the CIA the intelligence collected by them regarding the Pakistani sponsorship of terrorism.

I did so, and told my counterparts: "Look, I have not been able to convince the CIA about the Pakistani sponsorship. Every time I produce any intelligence, the CIA rejects it on some ground or the other. You have collected your own independent intelligence. If you share it with the CIA, it would find it difficult to reject it."

All my interlocutors gave me identical replies: "We know the CIA has more intelligence regarding the Pakistani sponsorship of terrorism against India than all of us together have. The CIA was convinced a long time ago about the ISI's sponsorship of terrorism. The problem is not with the CIA. It is with the State Department, which does not want to act against Pakistan."

In the early 1990s, Lal Singh alias Manjit Singh of the International Sikh Youth Federation clandestinely came to India from Pakistan. The Gujarat police arrested him. He was wanted in a number of cases in India, the US and Canada.

I informed my counterparts in the Canadian and US intelligence that they could send their officers to interrogating him. I assured them that no Indian officer would be present during the interrogation. The Canadians availed of the offer and sent a police officer to interrogate him. The US agencies decided not to avail of the offer.

I came to understand later that the State Department advised them not to send anybody to interrogate him. It was apparently afraid that if Lal Singh gave the US interrogator details of the ISI's role, it would find it difficult to reject his evidence as possibly obtained through torture.

In 1992, under the instructions of (then prime minister P V) Narasimha Rao, the IB, R&AW and the ministry of home affairs mounted a coordinated campaign to make the international community and US political and public opinion aware of the Pakistani sponsorship of terrorism against India.

The IB and R&AW prepared a detailed dossier giving details of all the evidence collected by them against the ISI. A team consisting of two officers of the home ministry and one from the IB was sent to Washington to hand over copies of this dossier to the US authorities and request them to declare Pakistan as a State sponsor of terrorism.

After doing so, they also presented the dossier at a press conference at the Washington Press Club. The State Department summarily rejected the dossier.

In 1992, terrorists belonging to the Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front attacked a group of young Israeli tourists, who had gone to J&K. They killed one of them and kidnapped another, who was subsequently released. Following this incident, Jewish circles started criticising the unsympathetic attitude of the US towards India's complaints against Pakistan.

Just before the presidential elections of November 1992, President George H W Bush, the father of the present president, reportedly ordered a second look at the dossier against Pakistan submitted by India.

The officials, who did so, reportedly recommended that instead of declaring Pakistan a State sponsor of terrorism, it could be placed in a list of suspected State sponsors of terrorism. Bush, who lost the election to Bill Clinton, did not act on the recommendation. He left the decision to his successor.

After assuming office in January 1993, Clinton placed Pakistan on a list of suspected State sponsors of terrorism. The weighty nature of the Indian dossier played a role in this decision, but there was a more important reason. The CIA had developed a strong dislike of Lieutenant General Javed Nasir, the then director general, ISI, for not cooperating with a drive launched by it to persuade the Afghan mujahideen to sell back to the US their unused stock of Stinger missiles, given to them for use against Soviet troops.

The US used the Indian dossier to force then prime minister Nawaz Sharif to remove Javed Nasir and some other ISI officers, whom it looked upon as uncooperative in its efforts to buy back the Stinger missiles. Nawaz Sharif complied.

Benazir Bhutto, who was then the leader of the Opposition, rang up Peter Galbraith, son of former the US ambassador to India J K Galbraith, and some other university mates of hers, who were close friends of Clinton, to request them to see that Pakistan was not declared a State sponsor of terrorism.

She told them she expected elections to be held in Pakistan later that year and that she was confident of coming back to power. She assured them that if she came back as prime minister, she would stop the ISI's use of terrorism against India.

In July 1993, Warren Christopher, the then secretary of state, announced that the US had decided to remove Pakistan from the list of suspected State sponsors of terrorism for want of adequate evidence. Benazir Bhutto won the elections in October 1993, and returned as prime minister. But she did not ask the ISI to stop the use of terrorism against India. R&AW must have in its archives the transcripts of Bhutto's telephonic conversations with Peter Galbraith and others.

During the investigations into the serial blasts of March 12, 1993 in Mumbai, the IB and R&AW collected the following evidence regarding the involvement of the ISI:

* Photocopies of the manifests of the Pakistan International Airlines regarding the travel of the perpetrators from Dubai to Karachi for training and their return to Dubai after the training;
* Their traveling with visas on plain sheets of paper issued by the Pakistani consulate in Dubai so that their Indian passports did not carry any entry of their visit to Pakistan;
* Evidence of their being received at Karachi airport and driven directly from the tarmac into the city without having to pass through immigration; statements of the perpetrators in which they gave the details of the training and arms and ammunition given to them by the ISI;
Evidence that they fled to Karachi via Dubai or Kathmandu after the blasts and from there were taken to Bangkok and kept there for a month by the ISI.

All this evidence was rejected by the US as falling short of proving Pakistani complicity.

The police recovered from the blast site some hand grenades of Austrian design and a timer. Austrian experts flew to New Delhi, examined the hand-grenades and certified in writing that these grenades were of Austrian design and had been manufactured in a Pakistani government ordnance factory with technology and machine tools sold by an Austrian company to the Pakistan government.

They said the Government of India could use their report for any purpose it desired.

American counter-terrorism experts, who visited Mumbai at our invitation, saw the timer and said that it looked like timers manufactured in the US. They wanted to take it to the US for forensic examination. They promised they would return it after the examination. I agreed to it.

After some days, they sent me an unsigned report on a plain piece of paper that the timer had been manufactured in the US and was part of a consignment given by the US to Pakistan in the 1980s.

I pointed out this was the smoking gun which they had been asking for and said they should now be able to declare Pakistan a State sponsor of terrorism.

They said this was not sufficient evidence against the government of Pakistan. They claimed that there were instances of leakage of arms and ammunition from Pakistan government stocks into the hands of arms smugglers and contended that the terrorists could have procured it in the smugglers market. They also said their report could not be used by us in a court of law.

When I asked them to return the timer, they claimed their forensic laboratory had destroyed the timer by mistake and that they were taking action against the lab for negligence.

After my retirement, I used to narrate to Kao and others how the Americans cheated me by destroying the timer. Once, Kao asked: "How were you so naive in trusting them and handing over the timer to them? One should never trust the US in matters concerning Pakistan. The US will never act against Pakistan for anything it does to India."

This is as valid today as it was in the past.
B Raman

Shinu Mathew said...

Wow! Raman,
It was a detailed report of Us' soft corner for pakistan and our hard-earned proof falling on deaf-ears.
Incidentaly, I saw a report of a terrorist called Tunda is arrested by Kenian Police and secretly transfered to US forces. This same guy has over 30 Terrorism cases against him pending in various Indian Courts. But US is adamant that they never got him? Wonder why? Tunda can reveal a lot of details about the involvement of Pakistan in the recent Mumbai Blasts 7-11.
The US is using India as a bait to control the pakistan regime. The bait is like, if you don't co-operate with us, we will side with India, for which they never have any intentions. It's a pity that India is trying to convince US about the roll of Pakistan. Look at Israel, how they retailated against Hesbollah and Lebanon for CAPTURING tow of their soldiers!!! Here we lost 200 civilians (the count is going up) and we are still mum? We lost close to 5000 Jawans in OUR OWN Territory on Kargil hills, yet we celebrate a VICTORY!!!
Reading together the statements of defence honchos and our recent failures of Missile test and the absence of a decent Nuclear-enable weapon, I think India doubt India's calbre against a full-blown war against pakistan. We simply don't enjoy the upper hand in warfare. Pakistan is a maverick country and won't hesitate to use Nuclear weapon and we may not be able to retaliate. That's the fact, I guess!!

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