Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Pramod Mahajan-The BJP strategist

So the hype and hoopla surrounding the Pramod Mahajan shooting is somewhat died down and the item is longer a front-pager. Now it’s time to reflect upon some of the startling facts this incident threw up. The conspiracy theorists were agog and suspected some black character playing villain in this rather unfortunate episode. It is yet to be ascertained as to why Praveen Mahajan shot him, what was the provocation and motive and whether there were any other conspirators in the whole scheme. Initial reports suggests that it was a crime in the heat of the moment, and not a pre-meditated one, but the final picture will be clear only after the police is through with the interrogation of key witness, Rekha Mahajan, the wife if the victim.

His health.
The doctors constantly keep a watch on Pramod and admit that the situation is very grim. The bleeding from the Lever has stopped and heart is in good health. But two other key parameters, the Kidney and Pancreas, have started functioning erratically. He is on 24 hour dialysis due to the non-functioning of the Kidneys. But it’s his pancreas that has got all these doctors worrying. The injury on the mouth of the pancreas caused the leaking of Juices from it and if it is not stopped, the abdominal tissues will be ‘digested’ by it. And his Blood pressure is kept normal by means of medication and is not breathing his own. He is on ventilator support and until he starts breathing his own, the docs can’t do anything. The bullets still remain inside the body.

Be seen.
The crème-de-la-crème of national glitterati, politicians, film personalities and top businessmen all were there at Hinduja Hospital. But some little-known faces, notably a bearded one, seen smiling at the cameras from behind the media-addressing desk. Irrespective of who addressed the media, these gate crashing party-spoilers just kept showing their teeth and gained some mileage. Talk about blood sucking parasites!

Doctors, dozen a dime!
It is always a good thing to ask a few well-known doctors for suggestions. But the poor doctors at Hinduja spend a lot of time briefing all these visiting legends. They have to glean the time from their duties such as treat less-fortunate and less-formidable patients who are also fighting death.
And the constant flow of VVIPs into the hospital threw the normalcy that is ubiquitous here. An army of Law enforcement agencies virtually hijacked the campus and made life hell for the common man. Though these days we are used to it, I guess.

The loser
The loser in this is BJP. Even if Pramod gets well, I sincerely hope he will, he will be unable to fit into the rigors of national politics. The grind of it may too hard for him. So, in effect BJP has lost a top class trouble shooter and a very good strategist. He was the man chosen to run elections for the party. And He has done that many a times with positive results. He was the cohesive between Shiv Sena and BJP. BJP Maharashtra politics always revolved around him. How they cope with this is to be seen in the coming days.

Had fate not intervened, Pramod could have turned the table on the current UPA government and brought BJP into power. With no clear replacement, BJP is now groping in the dark and like a mountaineer who lost his guide. And we temporarily lost a shrewd, cunning and thinking politician.

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dhruv said...

I sincerely hope that pramod mahajan gets well. He is a respected politicians. One of the few that dare make a difference to this country. It will take time to recover but recover he shall! My prayers are with him!