Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Now reservation in private sector

It couldn’t get more ridiculous. As if the suggestion to reserve 49% of IIM/ IIT seats for backward caste, our otherwise intelligent PM brought up another suggestion. Sorry, no suggestion, a demand to private sector. Reserve jobs for SC/ST/OBC or face legislation for it. How low they can stoop in this regard? Is this government thinking only about the lower caste? The “upper” caste doesn’t have any right to stay and work in this country? As much as the honchos of private firms agree with the government, they have their reservations about the whole idea. They fear that if they don’t comply with the order, legislation will be slapped on their face. This forcing down their throat is not going down well with them.
The empowerment of backward communities must top the agenda of any government. But should it be at the cost of wholesome development? Here is some food for thought.
It is a common knowledge that govt sector lack any competence or efficiency. In such an environment, the in-efficient, got their jobs mainly due to reservations and not on any merit, thrive. But private sector is totally driven by commitment and efficiency. If a lower caste employee is found to be lacking in this respect, could they fire him? Govt sector promotion is purely based on the duration of service and servility. Pvt Sector is totally on performance. What’s the scope of one getting promoted there? India’s private sector is what driving the boom in our economy and earned a name for its efficiency. Now incompetent employees could just spoil that too.
I am not under the impression of lower caste students/employees are not equipped with these qualities. They have it in them to do it and are eligible for any kind of job as the others are. But reservations are not required for a particular caste if they have it in them. If they are good, and don’t have the financial prowess to make it, then the government should step in and provide economical assistance.

Here are few things that we can expect to see in near future.
1. Virar-Churchgate fast local. 50% of sitting & standing space reserved
2. MNcs like IBM, MicroSoft and HP has to reserve 50% of their jobs. As a result, the computers that they make and programs and printers will be 50% less efficient. But who’s complaining. After all India has achieved social balance.
3. 50% of players in Indian cricket team will be reserved. And we can ask other countries to bowl 50% less faster and if they hit a SIX off these it will be considered as THREE


barbarindian said...

You forgot film stars.Read more at: http://barbarindians.blogspot.com/2006/04/it-happened-sooner-than-i-thought.html

Babin said...

I do support politicians making credible 'threats' on imposing reservation on private industry or universities.. As long as, these threats are aimed at evoking voluntary response from the private industry, there is nothing wrong with it... To do so is in the best interest of promoting public policy.
Yea, if the politicians actually went ahead and imposed these stupid reservation raj... then it really sucks... I hope that won't happen.
There is a fine line btw threats and actual implementation... I am sure MMS will know how to handle it right.

Shinu Mathew said...

@ babin - Already some of the top honchos like Infy's Murthy and Wipro's Premji has come out strongly against it. And as far as I know, none of the firms are willing to compromise the "quality" of their manpower to appease any minority. So the obvious thing next is, imposing it via legislation. We are living in a country where we are not needed. the "other" people are disowned. it is no mere threat or a way to provoke intellectual debate. it is a veiled threat to pvt sector that 'do it now or face with legislation'.