Thursday, March 09, 2006

Travelling salesmen of BJP

Mr. Lal Krishna Advani lapped up the first opportunity to turn a vicious incident to a vote gathering exercise. This time around he declared not one, two Yatras, to gather momentum against the ‘minoritiysm’ of the central government. Ever since his Pakistan visit and the subsequent Jinnah controversy, he was on the look out for an opportunity to turn himself into his old self, a hardcore Hindutva Advocate. His failed experiment with soft-hindutva failed miserably and it threatened to end his political career. Now it’s back to where it has all started. The Ram Yatras and the Babri Majid demolition saw BJP grow to a big player in Indian political parody. Advani must be hoping for a repeat of history.
The Varanasi bombing has set a perfect stage for his comeback. It’s the old ‘We Vs Them’. A place of Hindu worship has been bombed allegedly by Islamists. And a few days ago the muslim mobilization against the publication of Prophet’s cartoon turned out to be a show of strength of the community and turned violent at a few places. This has a cascading effect on BJP and its think-tank. Not only Muslims are a force to reckon with, but they started to recognize it. This doesn’t augur well for BJP and hence they are embarking on the old tried and tested formula, The Yatras and Hindutva.
It may not be a co-incident that after every Yatra, there are communal skirmishes followed and some places it turned violent. Since He has decided about the Yatras(travels, loosely translated) to sell hardcore hindutva, it is just to doubt the intentions behind it. Is it an attempt to try what has been done in Gujarat? As I wrote a year back, Gujarat was a test case. They found it successful and now won’t hesitate to repeat it elsewhere. Where else to start the strategy than UP, the state which sends most MP’s to Delhi?
As I was speaking to one of my friends, S(he) asked me about the bombings and who might be behind it? I chose to answer the obvious, the terrorists, but then s(he) was raised another query which is still ringing in my ears? Is it the same forces who are now protesting? Are they trying to create a situation similar to Godhra? Just read the enquiry report of Godhra train carnage together . The findings of the committee is relevant here. The commission said that, the fire started from inside the train, NOT OUTSIDE. And thousands of people killed in the ensuing riot.
Police have zeroed in on the usual suspects, Lashkar-e-Toiba, and they owned the responsibility, through a fictitious outfit. But I now remember a protagonist in a Malayalam Novel, written by famous author Vaikom Muhammed Bashir, the author of many a bestseller.
His name is “Ettukaali Mammonju” (Spider Mammonju). In his village, whatever happened, be it a theft, a rape or an act of bravery, he suddenly owns up it by saying “Athu Njammala”. Now LeT just remind me of him.


Ishu said...

If fire started from inside, how come no one was able to run outside and save life? As much as you blame BJP, why not take a minute to blame/introspect yourself for jumping to conclusion too fast.

Lots of people in India cry hoarse on secular themes. When a cartoonist in distant denmark draws a picture, millions of people hold violent march in Mumbai. Where are these people when M F Hussain repeatedly draws picture of hindu goddesses in bude. Why are these people not protesting when blasts happen in Varanasi? Better yet, where are so called secularists hiding when anti-hindu incidents happen?

True that politicians take advantage. But point is why give them? It is so called "secularist forces" to blame.

Amazing that many people think it is a crime to talk anything hindu and much bigger crime to think anything NOT-hindu.

Sorry but all your writing seems to talk anti-hindu. Not good.

-- Ishu.

Shinu Mathew said...

The answer to the question is in it itself. Yes, if indeed the fire has started from INSIDE, the one who started the fire, would escape first and locked from outside, how the rest could escape. I think that explains the deaths. In other cases, at least some of them would have managed to escape.
Second, I am not anti-hindu. It is your fault to relate BJP with hinduism . BJP is nothing but a shrewd political outfit and it has nothing to do with Hinduism. I am also a Hindu by birth, that is born in this country makes me a hindu automatically, but this doesn't mean I have to praise and hail the wrongdoings of the so-called protectors of hinduism. Hinduism is not a religion, it's a way of life.
It is those who cry themselves hoarse about the appeasement of minorities are against the very fundaments of Hinduism.
India has reached thus far because it IS A SECULAR country. had it been something like, Pakistan or any other religion oriented country, we wouldn't have made it this far. Today, we being praised for our democracy, our developing status and diversity. It is all achieved by tolerance, patience and diversity.
We have a Muslim president, who incidentaly father of our atom bomb and a leading politician lady who is (or rather was) a Roman catholic, and Sikh prime Minister. Where else you can find these harmony amongst it's poeple?
If I sounded anti-hindu to you, it's your call and I respect that. But I assure you, that I am not anti-hindu and not anti-India. I have the best interests of my country in my heart and I'll fight tooth and nail to protect it from being an anarchic, religios outfit like Taliban.

Ishu said...

You said "I think that explains the deaths"
This means you are not sure yourself and if you are not sure you have no right to accuse anyone.

You said "BJP is nothing but a shrewd political outfit"
Here I rest my case. You are not happy with BJP for whatever reason and you just want excuse to bash it.

You said "Hinduism is not a religion, it's a way of life"
Not a religion? So can you explain religion to me? Again I can say that you are passing statements on hinduism without any knowledge of it. To phrase your statement again, it is said that "Hinduism is JUST not a religion, it is a way of life". See JUST in bold.

I believe in equal rights to all religion but I am only against people who like to cry talking about rights in country like India. No where in world you can have rights as you do in India.

I am not against criticising any party. You have all the right. I only want to tell you and other "secularists" that you also apply this right when non-hindu fanatics does anti-national activities.

Before I sign off, I just want to tell you that the day you have courage to go to any muslim dominated area in country and shout any line against them and if you manage to come alive, I will make you my hero. Yes I can guarantee that you can get away from similar statements if you make against hindu. Actually everyone already is.

Until then, you can act paper tiger.

p.s. I didn't say you are anti-india. And you really sound anti-hindu from your writings. This is my opinion and you can tally with others you know if you are honestly interested.

Shinu Mathew said...

Well, Ishu if you rested your case then what's the verdict? That I am an anti-Hindu?
I said, I think That explains the deaths. It is my firm believe that the crime has been done by Insiders, not from outside. I haven't accused anyone in my article but you are jumping to obvious conclusions. This means you too know who are the exact culprits but is not fortyh-coming.
Next thing is, What I know about hinduism is not your concern. FYI, I am well verse with Hindu history and it's teachings. May be more than you. I still say, Hinduism not a religion. It is the way Indians used to live. Over the years, people hijacked it and owned it as their religion. It's poeple like you and The fundamentalists that make people believe it is a religion.
You said you are not against any party / religion. Well, what I can see from your fierce comments that you are against some party/ religion. And you have a perverse happiness bashing seculars. you believe or made to believe that all the problems India faces today is because of us, secularists.
In that case, my dear friend, I have nothing to say. Except one thing. Living in harmony is mych better than propagating spread. Try to be tolerate, which is the trademark of Hinduism. The british left India Not because agression and bombings. They left because of tolerance of a great man.
Hair-splitting critisism is an encouraging thing for me. This means some people read my blog and value it.
Thanks for your comments and views on my blog. But I'll never water it down. I can't. I am born as a secularist and want to die as one.
If you could leave a mail id or your blog address, We could engage in a healthy discussion about Hinduism and it's teachings. I prefer to do it that way since, this article will soon relegated to back space as new articles appear.
Hope you do it.

Ishu said...

It is your firm belief that crime has been done by insiders which makes you a fanatic. Fanatic enough for you to draw the rest of conclusions.

I did not start the debate on whether I know what, I just pointed out that your accusations/conclusions that it was insiders job is ridiculous.

I care a damn of what you know of hinduism. But if you start making false statements about it, do you want others to agree with you?

Exactly this is what I said in my first reply that anyone who talks about hinduism is branded NOT-secular. Whereas people like you who know nothing of hinduism and still pretend to know a lot and then makes statements calls themselves secular.

Dont give me the crap again that Hinduism is not a religion. If you make any such statements, especially in writing, give us the facts. Give us the proof. Do not conclude your thoughts based on what you think just like you concluded on insiders job.

One last thing, I believe in healthy debate. But if someone likes to water it up, I am right up there. If you call me names, I have plenty for you too. On one hand you say I can debate with you and on next line you say it is none of my concern what you think. Blatantly calling me fundamentalist and self garlanding yourself with secularist title repeatedly is not a good sign.

I liked your writings so I was here. If trying to respond to your post is going to make you excited and all fired up, I am sorry. I can keep you to yourself.

Wish you all the best.

Shinu Mathew said...

I presented another facet of the crime and you get all worked up and started calling me names. It is you who started in a rude manner and I just retaliated. If you were trying to critisize my writings honestly, you could have suggested the changes and you could honourably present your case. I always welcome healthy critisisms, but not ever aprove of personal attacks.
You jumped into conclusions reading one article that I am Anti-Hindu. If I am just as hot-headed, I could have called you being anti-minority which I didn't. I never called you a fundamentalist but specifically said People Like you AND THE Fundametalists. I don't know you saw that AND.
I am not giving you any crap. As much as you have the right to believe Hindu is a religion according to your believe, I have the same right to believe it's not. Both of us can present our cases with equal conviction and go on forever debating what Hinduism actually is. In fact neither me nor you are don't even have the qualifications to touch a subject as broader and beyond our knowledge as Hinduism.
You said you believe in healthy debate. Just go back and check what you wrote in comments. It wasn't a debate. Just conclusions such as Your writings are NOT GOOD and YOU ARE ANTi-HINDU etc. Think before you comment on anywhere.
If you liked my writings, which one triggered this fierce reaction? When I touched a subject that is close to your feelings, you triggered off an explosion-kinda response. There you let your heart rule the head.
I respect your feelings and and still want you to read my blogs and put in valuable comments. But If you react sharply, expect me to do the same. If i do so, don't be a whining kid and complaining.