Thursday, March 09, 2006

Register your Day fast.

It seems the days of a year are fast becoming insufficient. At the rate each day is dedicated to a particular cause, may be a couple of years later we will be celebrating multiple events on same day. Like Christmas & World Marriage day!! Recently there has been an addition to the long list of commemorative days. The top nephrologists of the world got together and to raise awareness about kidney diseases, they decided to celebrate “WORLD KIDNEY DAY” on every 2nd Thursday of March. We already have a lot of this. Aids day, women’s day, heart day, no-smoking and now that long list added one more day to it. So celebrating these days will spread more awareness about it? If that’s case, then why Aids is spreading like wildfire? I am waiting for a day called world penis day (since there is no World Men’s day this is absolutely a necessity) and followed by world vagina day (spreads awareness about diseases that infects these body parts) and leg day, arm day (to generate awareness about disease like cuts/burns) . I have prepared a list of probable organs that qualify for a day dedicated to it.
World Nerve Day – to cool one’s nerves
World Bath Day – spreading awareness about bathing and it’s effects
World Hair Day – specially for the hairy type
World Skin day – How can we forget the biggest organ?
World Penis Day – Come on! This is an automatic qualifier!
World Vagina Day – How can this be left out?
And gradually we will have a day dedicated for each and every organ! Funny isn’t it?
An incomplete list is available Here .
So if you want register a day in one of the organs. Or this 365 days may not be enough to include everything.

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