Monday, October 31, 2005

Delhi Blasts

Another serial blast at the heart of India, send shock waves throughout the country. India has long been at the receiving end of Terrorism, specifically, Pakistan (ISI) promoted terrorism. Recent development between India and Pakistan showed some positive sign in their relation, but what this blast will do to it is yet to be seen. The last time when terrorists attacked parliament and the ensuing crack-down at Kargil is still afresh in everyone’s mind.

Right after the Earth Quake that shook the Kashmir region, there were a lot of speculations about the destroyed Militant training camps at POK. But in fact they have managed to survive and planned and executed this act of destruction. This shows that these hard-core fanatics have unlimited supply of explosives and manpower. President Musharraff tried to clamp down illegal Madrasas but he had to back track due to public outcry. It is common knowledge that these Madrasa’s are breeding ground for budding terrorists and a recruitment place for the militant outfits. They must have used the Earth Quake strategically and while the security forces were busy with Rescue work, they pushed a few of their people across the LOC. Joined with other whom already ‘in’, they executed the plan.

This was a well-thought, strategically selected timing. It’s the holy month for Muslims, and the Hindu Festival, Deepawali, is just round the corner. This is the time of year when everyone gets together and do shopping etc. The time was perfect to inflict maximum damage.

India’s resilience was on display once again. Delhi moved back to normalcy a day after and such a cowardly act doesn’t dampen the spirit of Indians. the brain washed, propaganda fed young Muslim youths who are destined to be cannon fodder, should understand one thing. The killing of innocents in the holy month of Ramadan, you are inviting the wrath of the people who you claim to be representing. You are uncovered. Your real face has been unmasked. The true Muslims of this nation will rise once again and in that collective and massive roar, you will be drowned. And Finished.


V Chitra Gupta said...

I am not sure if we can applaud this as the resilient spirit of Delhi. Don’t you think someone can equally well call it a spirit of indifference - that we go about our celebrations as if nothing happened? Do you think this type of reaction is going to act as a deterrent to future acts of terrorism?

Anonymous said...

It's a Militaristic aproach. Whatever happens, Life must go on. May be we are being a little indifferent. but by this reason I am proud too. Calm & efficient response, not panic and compassion should rule us