Monday, October 31, 2005

Authenticity of Chain Mails

It was right after the Hurricane Katrina. I received an e-mail from one of my colleague. It was with this subject line;

Hurricane Katrina; A close encounter.

And it had some jpeg attachments. When I opened them since it was from our internal server, it was showing some Hurricane Katrina photograph supposedly taken just before the storm hit the land. And my administration department went one step further. They printed it out and displayed on the notice board. I have to take the administration staff to the site called and explain the workings of chain mail. The next day they removed it sheepishly.

Like this when Space Shuttle Columbia was disintegrated on its return to earth, a same kind of E-mail did its rounds. Supposedly taken by an Israeli Spy satellite, it was snaps of the disintegration at different stages. Some small-time special Effect maker’s handiwork.

If anyone had ever received such e-mails just look here. It must have listed as fake.

Don’t believe anything that you receive from internet. And don’t propagate them too. Destroy it. You should be the last in a long list. Carelessly forwarded to your friends, and your e-mail ID could end up in a spammer’s database along with your friend’s.

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