Monday, November 09, 2020

Regressive Proress

While there are many who contest Darwin's Evolution theory, I, for one, is a staunch believer of it. After all it makes sense, doesn't it? It has its flaws, some missing links, but overall, it explains the origin & evolution of homo sapiens. Believers & conspiracy theorists may disagree, but that’s fine.

If you look at the evolution of Human race, it is abundantly clear that with each passing century, we marched forward with new scientific discoveries, Technological inventions and other phenomenon, resulting in less dependent on nature and its scary variations.

Recent archaeological finds suggest that we had a violent past. Starting from the medieval men fighting for food, territorial integrity, woman and best view of the river, our early ancestors fought for everything, and perished.

Since the invention of organized religion, the fights adopted a new dimension. From the famous Hindu mythology, Mahabharata, is all about the war. It shows us the winner eventually lost everything.

Many centuries later, came Crusades. How Christianity killed off many unsuspecting, perceived foes, none could imagine the horrors.

Then came the world war I, which was more of a show of power, who holds the deadliest weapons. I might be wrong here, but it was more of a 'if-you-attack-my-friend, i-attack-you' approach.

And then came the biggest carnage of all. The world war II. A single man's obsession with purity of race, resulted in many great power's aligning with/against each other and the war resulted in one of the biggest casualties.

Since then, though smaller wars been fought at silos, a world-wide escalation was never seen. And we had comparatively peaceful 70s & 80s.

Late 80s to early 90s, the world saw the rise of Islamic terrorism, suicide bombings, hit-and-run tactics, lone-wolf attacks taking many lives. This is continued till now. All in the name of religion. So much so that, showing a religion’s prophet’s face is resulting in getting killed!

How much ever one denies that Islam is peaceful, the world seems to move away from that. The rise of hard-right fundamentalist leaders such as Narendra Modi of India, Donald Trump of USA, Boris Johnson of UK, seems to leverage the public outrage against the atrocities committed by hard-line Islamists, often targeted at Civilians, women and children. They cash in on the public sentiment by delivering vitriolic against a religion and paint them all in one light. While the public is indulging in hate crimes, they get away with their ulterior motives, which is not noticed by their subjects.

Religion is a tool for them. Either religion or race. They incite their followers to commit atrocities using this. and the blind followers that they are, they obey without question.

The one thing I do not understand is how these followers can be so blind, despite having so much of technological advances, so as to kill a person, in the name of belief? How they can forget all good things the neighbours shared and turn against one, just because he/she happens to be from a different faith? How sacred chants now turned to War cries? How religious symbols is something that needs to regarded cautiously, bordering on fear?

Are we going back to the cave ages? Don’t we have the freedom to live the way we want, as long as it doesn’t infringe upon other’s rights/believe?

Can’t I just continue to enjoy my life, despite what you think I should do?

Cant we live in peace & harmony, just like the 70s & 80s?

Or everything is lost? Is it too late?

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Ramaleela - A Public Verdict of Dileep's Innocence?

To all those who holler;

a) The acceptance of Ramaleela shows that Dileep is acquitted in the people's court


b) we were telling the same thing, that Dileep can influence all and sundry if the film is released

My Ans to a) The Film Ramaleela is just a film, shot before the current imbroglio. I don't understand how someone can say the success of the film proves Dileep's innocence. It doesn't. Tomichan Mulakupadam is a very shrewd businessman, and he turned the adverse situation into something that he could benefit from. Also, the intellectual people of Kerala will see this as a film, not a verdict of crimes Dileep is accused of. People who are hollering that this proves Dileep's innocence is playing into the hands of the prosecution, and I am sure they will raise this as a ground to deny bail to Dileep, saying that if he could engineer public opinion while incarcerated, imagine what he can do when set free.

My Ans to b) And for the other side, Ramaleela is not Dileep's alone. There are many who worked day & night, a debutant director whose entire career is hinging on this film, livelihood of many too. The insincere sympathies that you are trying to show off, we understand the real intention behind it. To those great humanitarians who screamed endless hours on evening debates, what have you done to prevent such incidents from happening again? Nothing. Your shouts were not to help that poor girl, it was just an act of revenge, just to see Dileep is grounded. Nothing else.

The Women's Collective in Cinema is purportedly a women-centric organization meant to ensure safety & welfare of those hapless ladies working in Cinema. If that is the case, why the membership still constricted to those few enlightened souls? Why eminent and senior personalities were omitted? Recent reports are to be believed, even Manju Warrior also expressed her unhappiness about the 'activist' ways of the group. Is the only purpose of this WCC was to see Dileep locked away?

Recently one of my close friends asked me Why I Support Dileep. Is it because you are a fan? To answer him, let me start off by saying that I never was a FAN of Dileep. Yes, I liked the Dileep of old, the boy-next-door Dileep. But my support for him stemmed from a different source. In the depth of my heart, I knew Dileep wouldn't commit such a stupid, brazen act, trusting a dime-a-dozen, hired gun. People who knew Dileep, time and again, say one thing about him and that is his business intellect. When he had time to destroy all the evidence, and hatch escape plans, he was not doing any of that. If you have the slightest stain on your conscience, you would do it. Therefore his conscience must be free of those stains.

Also, when I saw certain creeps using the visual media (read TV) to declare him guilty and attacking him on a very personal level I automatically sided with Dileep. I mean who are these news anchors & failed film personalities to prosecute him? At best they should remain neutral in a debate, stating only known facts, not wild allegations and unproven cooked-up stories. Strangely conspicuous by absence was a FOR side. Most debates feature people from both sides, but these debates featured only people who are against him.

A couple of my friends told me that Dileep deserved it since he deserted Manju & Married Kavya. Come On, I mean your problem is not whether he is guilty or not, but few decisions he took in his personal life? If he was entirely in the wrong, do you think his teenage daughter would have supported him? Get a life, morons!

Let the law take its course and acquit/convict Dileep. Until he is convicted, he is innocent. I honestly hope to god that this will not go the way the in-famous Nambi Narayanan (imagined up by a major media house) or Sreesanth Case (powerful forces joined hands with Delhi Police). Those who are screaming for Dileep's blood, calm down and let's hope the truth will prevail.

Satyameva Jayathe!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Cinema is the playground for Nationalism.

First it was the warning about Smoking. It was so horrible and dispiriting, many people stopped watching films in theater.

Today it is the mandatory playing of National Anthem. Hon. Supreme court has given the ruling in that effect. Nothing wrong with a little bit of patriotism, what's your problem? they ask. My problem is, please don't force me to show my love for my country. It is an inherent feeling, something instilled in me from my childhood. The fanatic patriotism, (which reaches the zenith when India is at war or playing cricket against Pakistan and finds the nadir right after it) that you advocate is my brand of it.

Tomorrow, Cinemas will be forced to play a 3 / 5/ 10-minute video about the hardships and sacrifices of our Armed forces, during which all the patrons will have to stand up and salute. And may be, just may be, you have to wear only Indian attire during such passionate moments. (insulting our national symbols with something foreign?). Whats wrong with you, moron? They are sacrificing their life for you. Whats so bad about showing some respect, they ask. No problem. Anyway it is a new fashion to bring in the Armed forces into anything. Demonetization and standing in queue? Don't you feel a thing for the Jawan who stands in -12 Degree temperature at Siachen? It has reached such depths, that one room mate complained about the fan being too fast, the other one retorted "Think about the faujis who keep awake even at sub-zero temps. You have a problem with a little bit of cold?". To justify your taking away other's right, Jawan is a nice way to make other's feel guilty.

And hey, Cinemas should not use abusive language, display warnings when they show Smoking / drinking, beep out curse words, do not depict certain individuals as bad per Censor board ruling. Even with all this, the Censor board can still cut out major chunk of it, and even deny certification.

But alas, we will not do anything to stop piracy, which is destroying the cinema industry. We will not move a little finger when some self-declared moral police, whos primary responsibility is to stop anything HE believe un-indian, stop the cinema's release just because a certain character, portrayed in the film, is from their community. You see the community boasts of an All-Saint population. their ilk can't do any bad deeds.

Yes, we will not do anything to help you, but we will bring all kind of restriction to make sure you are not spoiling our new generation. Yes, as leaders we indulge in corruption, murder, lying, running of brothels, beating up the poor, rape, anything. No, sorry we are not setting a bad example for the young generation. Cinema is the only medium that can corrupt our young.

The judge who ordered to play the Anthem is refusing to entertain a plea, which request the anthem to be played in courts. Why? Patriotism not applicable for the high and mighty? What do they call it? Oh yeah, hypocrisy.

Does the law can be interepreted based on the whims and fancies of a certain judge? If that is the case, the Judge who commuted the HC verdict of Govindachaami, who murdered Soumya on a running train, to a mere 7 years erred on his interpretation?

To me, this current SC bench seems to be oblivious to the actual interpretation and hell-bend on the carrying out their personal agenda. Sad, since time imemmorial, SC was the last resort of anyone seeking justice. That esteemed perch has stooped low now. Sorry state of affairs.

So, back to Cinemas. Cinema is the culprit. lets choke it till it dies.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Intolerance taboo

Once George Bush famously said, "You are with me, or against me".

There is this, more popular urban-corporate speak "Its my way, or the Highway"

Recently, an art installation was dismantled and the artists were taken into police custody. Reason? It depicted a cow!

In today's India, the most taboo word is...

Not Sex before marriage, sorry you are wrong.

Not Same-sex marriage, again you are wrong.

India is modern. We overcame those taboos...

The most taboo word is...


Today's india is intolerant towards the slightest criticism. If I say I feel insecure because of a certain incident, I am asked to leave India.

I put up a picture of an animal, obviously to show how they are mistreated or let loose on the busy streets, I am called Anti-Hindu.

Let me clarify. I am not against any religion, infact I am someone who respect all of them. I refused to eat the "Prasad" which some of my colleagues offered me after their visit to Tirupati. Reason? I ate non-veg that morning and I thought it is an insult to the sacred offering.

So why my innocuous shares & posts are labelled "insulting a a certain religion"? That is because people are intolerant, even about a mere mention of an animal.

More and more, I feel insecure. People are openly threatening me because I posted a critical view of their political affiliation.

They are free to criticize, ridicule, harass and do whatever they want to others. Past & present leaders of global renown hasn't escaped their wrath. But when it comes to criticizing their own, you can expect ink on your face, harassment over social media, or worst, physical violence and may be death.

Do you call this tolerance?

When some one lost his life because he allegedly ate beef... oops I shouldn't say that word in this part of the world... meat, I should still call India tolerant.

When someone openly threatens me because I posted a photo of an animal, and gets likes from the people who even shared a drink with me, I should still call my India is not polarized. it is still a great, tolerant country.

When firebrand leaders of a certain party shout from the rooftop that those who can't obey their rules, they must leave India, I still have to think my India is tolerant. From their rhetoric, I get the feeling that they are the rulers and I am a mere subject. So much for the celebrated DEMOCRACY. And the worrying fact is, the leaders of that party doesn't make a whole-hearted effort to stop and rein-in these loose cannons, who, in my views, is the real threat to the very fabric that holds this country together. They know that this is the only way way they can garner nation-wide attention and possibly sainthood later on.

These days, I feel like an absconding criminal when I eat B**f (see I am not going to put that in words). I think, not twice, but at least a hundred times, whether to share / like a post on FB, because probably someone, somewhere will find it insulting their sentiments.... So these days I thought of sharing only flowers, birds and kids pictures.

Yes my dear so-called, self-annointed moral / Cultural police of India, I am scared. I am scared shitless and I feel insecure. And I have no intention of leaving India, even if it means I have to live my life in the constant shadow of bullying, harassing and death.

I am more Indian that you will ever be.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

An Open Letter to Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister,

I was a staunch believer of MODI-ism, and believed that when you become PM, India would surge forward with progressive measures.
How wrong was I. During your reign, you have managed..

1. Visit countless countries in the name of bringing FDI... as if that was the only thing missing in India.
2. Tried to suppress the freedom with the BAN mechanism. (porn sites, Beef etc. etc..)
3. Tried to eavesdrop on unsuspecting citizen - many bills that enable the govt to listen in on phone calls, SMS, Whats-app messages (by keeping them for 60days mandatory) etc.
4. Failing to muzzle your MPs who spit communal diatribe and invoking past riots as warnings & vengeful acts.
5. Communal Riots springing from every corner, yet you keep silent on them.

It is only about a year, but the far-right wing Hindutva outfits feel free to attack anybody in the name of hurt sentiments. If let unchecked, our very fabric of secularism is gone forever. India would be hotbed for terrorism, because when there is injustice, there would be rebellion. And the true Indians, who already feel insecure and divided among the lines of religion would be vying for each others throat. Look at countries based on religion. Most of them are struggling with sectarian violence. Minorities are killed en-masse.

Looks at the terrible things happening in India right now. For eating meat (allegedly beef), Mohammed Aqlaq lost his life. in JK assembly, MLAs manhandle another MLA for eating beef. Two of your firebrand MPs issue statements which makes my skin cringe. Aren't you listening any of this? Can't you muzzle your own people? Have you lost the charisma and leadership qualities that catapulted you into National Capital? Sorry sir, but I think you have lost it. You are just another politician, whipping up communal issues to garner vote, rather than developments in the country.

We all have a right to;

Live peacefully
Travel anywhere in the country
believe in whatever religion
eat anything except fellow humans


the keyword is LET. LET others also enjoy this freedom sir. Please take my India forward, not backward. Make my India a proud place to live, a place where everyone respects other's feelings and beliefs.

Yours truly


Thursday, August 28, 2014

The last drink Launch

My short film about drunken driving 'The Last Drink' is launched by Bangalore Traffic police. You can get more details from Please support

Friday, February 21, 2014

A regional fanatisism

Today, after an inordinately long 23 years, the Indian Supreme court has commuted the Death penalty of a few convicts who were serving their time for the brutal murder of India's former Prime Minister and a beacon of hope for the younger generation then. And wasting no time, this killer抯 parent state's chief minister thundered from the dais that 'She has decided to free them and if the center doesn't respond within 3 days, she will release them!".
What would you do to a person, who has killed scores of innocent people along with a political leader, who was the only hope of a maddeningly stagnant India? These people have conspired to kill a Prime Minister, alongwith him dozens of other civilians and Police officers, and actually took part in the exercise knowingly. Doesn't this qualify as rarest of rare case? Why there was this long delay in executing them, where an Ajmal Kasab & Afzal Guru was executed swiftly? Is it that only people with Muslim names have to face the gallows, whereas others get a different treatment?
I have many Tamil friends and this is not an attempt to tarnish them, but I feel as Indians they score very low on many of my indexes. I had this friend who was a well-educated and well behaved gentleman, with whom I used to chat during our time together in the company cafeteria. And the Civil War in Sri Lanka has reached its zenith. One day we all woke up to the news of the capture & subsequent death of V. Prabhakaran, a terrorist by all means. My friend, when we met at the cafeteria, was boiling. He was angry because India didn't do anything to save the LTTE chief as well as the Cadres.
I asked him why we should try to save them, when they have killed our Prime Minister. I got the shocking reply. Rajeev Gandhi would have been YOUR prime minister, not mine. And his usual verbal diarrhea about Arya-Dravidian conflicts and how we should be the leader of the world, how the North-Dominated Indian government stifles us etc....
Since that day, I either delayed my trip to cafeteria or dropped it, just to avoid this guy. As an Indian, whatever I hold close to my heart was questioned, and that too, by a person who enjoys all the benefits of being an Indian, but refuses to believe that he is part of this country. For him whatever happened before some 5000 years is more important, the conflict of his ancestors and such crap!
Regional polity has come a long way! It has reached such a level that even the killers of a nation's leader can be set free, just to gain few votes. Everything has become vote-bank politics. If someone makes a reference to a leader's Chai history, next day both parties strategize to cash in on it. One sells tea with the leader抯 photo, where the opposition tries to set up tea shop within Loksabha premises. A bridge collapses and few dozen dies, but parties run to media to claim that it was the other who built it. Pakistan-based terrorists attack our institutions with such frequency and alacrity, but our leaders are scrambling to buy VIP-choppers that has price-tags equivalent to the GDP of some of the neighboring nations! A communal riot happens and parties trying to woo each section of society by making inflammatory speeches rather than consiliation and rehabilitation.
Two thing they all agree upon is Not to bring the black money stashed in Swiss banks, and increase the legislator's pay!

As things normally happen in this part of the world, these killers will get a heroes� welcome as was the case with the 2G Raja & Kanimozhi. They will be invited to join politics by all and sundry, become legislators for Tamilnadu and , god forbid, for Loksabha. If that happens, they will rub shoulders with Rahul, whose father they killed. It will be a moment of shame for entire India, as we will be openly displaying what a moral-less country we are!