Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Cinema is the playground for Nationalism.

First it was the warning about Smoking. It was so horrible and dispiriting, many people stopped watching films in theater.

Today it is the mandatory playing of National Anthem. Hon. Supreme court has given the ruling in that effect. Nothing wrong with a little bit of patriotism, what's your problem? they ask. My problem is, please don't force me to show my love for my country. It is an inherent feeling, something instilled in me from my childhood. The fanatic patriotism, (which reaches the zenith when India is at war or playing cricket against Pakistan and finds the nadir right after it) that you advocate is my brand of it.

Tomorrow, Cinemas will be forced to play a 3 / 5/ 10-minute video about the hardships and sacrifices of our Armed forces, during which all the patrons will have to stand up and salute. And may be, just may be, you have to wear only Indian attire during such passionate moments. (insulting our national symbols with something foreign?). Whats wrong with you, moron? They are sacrificing their life for you. Whats so bad about showing some respect, they ask. No problem. Anyway it is a new fashion to bring in the Armed forces into anything. Demonetization and standing in queue? Don't you feel a thing for the Jawan who stands in -12 Degree temperature at Siachen? It has reached such depths, that one room mate complained about the fan being too fast, the other one retorted "Think about the faujis who keep awake even at sub-zero temps. You have a problem with a little bit of cold?". To justify your taking away other's right, Jawan is a nice way to make other's feel guilty.

And hey, Cinemas should not use abusive language, display warnings when they show Smoking / drinking, beep out curse words, do not depict certain individuals as bad per Censor board ruling. Even with all this, the Censor board can still cut out major chunk of it, and even deny certification.

But alas, we will not do anything to stop piracy, which is destroying the cinema industry. We will not move a little finger when some self-declared moral police, whos primary responsibility is to stop anything HE believe un-indian, stop the cinema's release just because a certain character, portrayed in the film, is from their community. You see the community boasts of an All-Saint population. their ilk can't do any bad deeds.

Yes, we will not do anything to help you, but we will bring all kind of restriction to make sure you are not spoiling our new generation. Yes, as leaders we indulge in corruption, murder, lying, running of brothels, beating up the poor, rape, anything. No, sorry we are not setting a bad example for the young generation. Cinema is the only medium that can corrupt our young.

The judge who ordered to play the Anthem is refusing to entertain a plea, which request the anthem to be played in courts. Why? Patriotism not applicable for the high and mighty? What do they call it? Oh yeah, hypocrisy.

Does the law can be interepreted based on the whims and fancies of a certain judge? If that is the case, the Judge who commuted the HC verdict of Govindachaami, who murdered Soumya on a running train, to a mere 7 years erred on his interpretation?

To me, this current SC bench seems to be oblivious to the actual interpretation and hell-bend on the carrying out their personal agenda. Sad, since time imemmorial, SC was the last resort of anyone seeking justice. That esteemed perch has stooped low now. Sorry state of affairs.

So, back to Cinemas. Cinema is the culprit. lets choke it till it dies.

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