Wednesday, October 07, 2015

An Open Letter to Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister,

I was a staunch believer of MODI-ism, and believed that when you become PM, India would surge forward with progressive measures.
How wrong was I. During your reign, you have managed..

1. Visit countless countries in the name of bringing FDI... as if that was the only thing missing in India.
2. Tried to suppress the freedom with the BAN mechanism. (porn sites, Beef etc. etc..)
3. Tried to eavesdrop on unsuspecting citizen - many bills that enable the govt to listen in on phone calls, SMS, Whats-app messages (by keeping them for 60days mandatory) etc.
4. Failing to muzzle your MPs who spit communal diatribe and invoking past riots as warnings & vengeful acts.
5. Communal Riots springing from every corner, yet you keep silent on them.

It is only about a year, but the far-right wing Hindutva outfits feel free to attack anybody in the name of hurt sentiments. If let unchecked, our very fabric of secularism is gone forever. India would be hotbed for terrorism, because when there is injustice, there would be rebellion. And the true Indians, who already feel insecure and divided among the lines of religion would be vying for each others throat. Look at countries based on religion. Most of them are struggling with sectarian violence. Minorities are killed en-masse.

Looks at the terrible things happening in India right now. For eating meat (allegedly beef), Mohammed Aqlaq lost his life. in JK assembly, MLAs manhandle another MLA for eating beef. Two of your firebrand MPs issue statements which makes my skin cringe. Aren't you listening any of this? Can't you muzzle your own people? Have you lost the charisma and leadership qualities that catapulted you into National Capital? Sorry sir, but I think you have lost it. You are just another politician, whipping up communal issues to garner vote, rather than developments in the country.

We all have a right to;

Live peacefully
Travel anywhere in the country
believe in whatever religion
eat anything except fellow humans


the keyword is LET. LET others also enjoy this freedom sir. Please take my India forward, not backward. Make my India a proud place to live, a place where everyone respects other's feelings and beliefs.

Yours truly


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