Friday, December 21, 2012

A Dream shattered!

***Note: This article is peppered with abusive language and read at your own risk. I find no other way to express my anguish and shock.

She was like any other 23-year old. She was working hard to become a physiotherapist, she wanted to become a good one at it, she had a boyfriend and loving parents, she loved good food & chocolates, she loved pink, and she loved children and dreamed of having her own at some point of time,and generally she was happy & content. Period.

On the fateful day, she must have been thinking what she is going to do with the rest of her life, and in the immediate future. After all she is only 23, and a whole, beautiful life is ahead. She was full of life, full of joy. She had a pleasant outing with her boyfriend, watched a movie together and may have been harboring thoughts of other pleasures.

Then she board the fucking bus! Yes, literally.

Now think about those 5-6 goons! They are the typical indian male, arrogant towards any woman.
The general trait is, pan-chewing and spitting anywhere, beedi-smoking, and passing lewd comments on passing-by women. They were out for a joy ride, if reports are to be believed. What a joy it was!

When the whole thing started, the girl and her boyfriend must have been thinking that it will be harmless, and if it gets out of control, they can get down. Then when it was heating up, the boy intervened. That's when the whole hell broke loose. He was assaulted, and the girl was grabbed, her clothes ripped off, and the rest.

The bigoted sick mother-****, they not only tried to rape her. When she resisted, they did the unimaginable, forcing an iron rod up her private part, which has damaged the entire uterine & vaginal wall. The beasts then had fun, pushed her out of the bus and left to the safety of their slums. The assholes told the police that they wanted to punish them, the girl for not cooperating and the boy for intervening!!!

Back to present, it is yet unclear the extent of damage to her physic and mind, but a few pertinent questions raise their ugly head in my mind.

1. Could she have a normal relation with anybody anymore? Wouldn't this incident will leave her psyche permanently scarred, specially when it comes to man and sexual life?
2. Could she ever conceive again? The damage to the intestine and re-productive organs, is it minimal?
3. What happens to her social life?
4. The people who know what happened, the stigma, would she be able to withstand it?

five minutes of brutal fun, ebbed out a life, which would have been a  promising & beautiful one. And the remorseless scums of earth, returned to their chores next day! If wasn't caught, they would have done an encore!!!

My guts are churning with disgust which is increasing each moment and my mind rings up so many methods for punishing those scumbags.

1. Strip & bind these goons, put their organ on a wood block, drip Sulfuric Acid onto it, drop by drop, and when the little pecker is completely gone, start with his balls. Should know what pain is when one's body is violated.

2. A special equipment, with a collapsed flaring tip inserted into their fucking anus, flare it up, and hang a weight on the other side for weeks at least.

Any method, but they shouldn't die immediately. Torture them! Make them suffer! Make them feel the pain that poor girl has gone through. Let them die the way they deserve it! a slow, painful death and in an utter disgusting way, so much so that even Dogs & Pigs shouldn't touch their damned dead body!

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