Friday, December 08, 2006

Goodbye Mumbai!

Shifting Base!!! Yeah, I am leaving Mumbai for good.
So the name will have to change, I guess!! What do you think??

I am leaving for an undisclosed location on 16th of Dec 2006.
First I go to my native place and then the new place which would be my base!

I would like to thank my dear Foster mothers, Mumbai & Vasai, for their kindness, love & affection! Mumbai Made me! I love you! I will miss you!!
Keep watching this space for my new endeavors. I promise, there will be many!
So see ya all in new year. Happy Christmas, and New Year.
Till then Bye


Saagar said...

Hey Shinu..
We will miss you on our next Photography Trip....

Anyways check out this article which I have written...
Please comment

And also shinu can you guide me on how to popularise ones blog...???

Saagar said...

Iam srry i didnt give u the link

Nero said...

All the best man. I'll be watching. Do post photos of the new place.

Shinu Mathew said...

Thanks and me too will miss you guys yaar. Tell Neil & Abhi to keep in touch via 77i.
I think to popularize, visit like-minded people's blog, read their articles and write comments. I didn't do anything other than this. Some came to mine, I went to some :)
Sure thing. I'll post photos once I find a decent lab in the new place. I think that's the first I am gonna do once I reach there.
Thx for the wishes!

dhruv said...

wow...great for you shinu! Do tell us why you shifted base from Mumbai to your "undisclosed" location! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Shinu,
I just saw u online on 77i:-)
Are u in God's own land now???
Hows everything? I am sure everything is good at yr end.
We'll b missing u in the photo-outings to come.
Keep in touch via 77i and my new photoblog

Anonymous said...

Hi Shinu,
May Peace and Love be with you always...



Sirensongs: Indologist At Large said...

Hey Shinu, where are you going? Keep the title, you will always be the MM.
Happy Late Year! (!)

Vaibhav said...

Happy New year to u shinu