Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tough times!

Been absent from my writing & photography for a long time now. A lot of things happened all of a sudden.
First I was under the weather and had to be away from Mumbai for a couple of weeks. Came back refreshed only to be told that my Father-in-Law is in critical condition. Another 3 weeks and I am back. But not feeling like writing anything. My father-in-Law is dying of Cancer. As of today, there is a feeble breath left in him. Just that!
The cancer has spread all over his body and eating up him from within. Hope he don't suffer much. And pray to god to rest his soul in peace!
I'll be continuing my rants once my mind is cleared.

1 comment:

Vaibhav said...

Take all the time u need Shinu.
Its a said phase of everyone's life, we go where we belong and where we came from.
Relax and take it easy for sometime.