Monday, September 11, 2006

Taking a break

Due to reasons that is beyond my control, I am forced to take a break from blogging.
Been under the weather for a week and now I suspect it's little more than that. SO going for a detailed check-up and medication.

See ya all after a while!

Till then Bye

3rd Oct 2006

Back from te forced hiatus!!
Some respiratory tract infection!!
Now back in full swing!
Will be writing about two extra-ordinary french people I met on my journey, Sebastian & Nathalie!


dhruv said...

Hi Shinu. Sad to hear that you're not well :( Please take good care of yourself. There are terrible viral infections going around. Do get checked up thoroughly! Till then....

Dhruv :)

Stephen said...

Get well soon, hope you did not pick up something nasty on your trip into the sticks of Tungareshwar. I enjoyed your rambling tale and hope you get your full strength back for future walks with your camera.

whistlingwoods said...

Hey Shinu,

When will you be back?