Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Logic "DYFI"ing Tactics!!!

The art of Black-flagging

Black always evoke memories of death and grieve. Black is the color of devil, it is believed. It is a worldwide practice to wear a black ribbon when some major figure in a country dies. Witchcraft is called Black Magic. So black is the representation of black, Black itself is scared of black.

Kerala politicians developed an art form called Black-Flagging. Patented by Left youth wing, DYFI, pronounced “difi”, a close relative of “defy”, since their nature is to defy everything. Law, logic and commonsense. This dark art is practiced only in Kerala, that too at an interval of Five years. They perform it for five years continuously and the next five is spend in researching. The patentees believe only they can perform it. But when someone from the other community performs it, another dark art, in which DIFY is so brilliant, is performed. It has close resemblance to the tribal martial art, popularly known as “Kootayadi”. But there is a major difference in this form. Wherein Kootayadi, both teams have almost equal number of participants, this one is few against many.

For the past five years, the inhabitants of Kerala were lucky to see this ever flourishing art, Black Flagging, at regular intervals. A MLA, who goes by the name of M. V. Raghavan, was the chief beneficiary of this. Wherever he goes, DYFI enacted this art in front of him. The MLA has become a scholar in this art. So much so that he plans to write a book about it, sources revealed.

But things took a turn yesterday. An attempt is made to break the shackles of this untouchable status. The offenders were the youth wing of Congress. When a LDF minister was inaugurating something at someplace, a motley group from this party, hitherto considered inferior to their opponents in both these dark arts, tried to perform it for the minister. So infuriated were the protectors of the art, the group was subjected to the other dark art, modified form of Kootayadi. Though, it’s been around for a while, it is yet unnamed. So unprepared were the youths, they meekly surrendered. Few broken rib cages, some lost teeth, and bleeding mouths was all they got as a souvenirs. The Left leaders endorsed the right of DYFI to perform these arts vociferously.

The YC camp equated their attempt at Black Flagging to that of “Sepoy Mutiny” & “Kshetra Praveshana Vilambarom”. They vowed to fight the injustice and want the right to perform Black Flagging. The argument is no single section of society can claim the patent to a popular art form. They quote noted legal bigwigs as this is “total violation of right of expression and right to perform” and hence can get a verdict favoring them.

Both way, the resident Keralite is in for a surprise. They could enjoy this darker art at regular intervals even after DYFI (read their seniors) is in power. They were ruing the fact that since DYFI can’t black flag their own Ministers, this art may lose steam. Now they are heaving a sigh of relief that someone is coming forward and keeping the tradition going. The less fortunate NRKs (Non-resident Keralites) can watch it live on TV and highlights of it after prime time. News papers are also eager to promote this with vivid pictures and detailed reports.

So brace yourself, pack your refrigerator with snacks. A lot of action is coming up.


whistlingwoods said...

Hi Shinu,

I am a technophobe, so your last post was scary for me. This time we are on familiar ground. Truly, we live in dark dark times. A media driven crazy for TRPs, Starlets and has-beens hogging the limelight, police atrocities on crowds…the list is endless.

Sometimes, I wish we could turn back time…

Nice post as always. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

who do you think you are? you can how critisize DYFI? it is one party youngsters want ot join. for their commitment to social cause. we always want to help only.
the hartals and strikes are justified when the price hike is taken back. then you whimpering kiddies enjoy the fruits.
karinkodi was a means to show your peotest. But youth congres tried to break into the stage. and our people are trying to stop them.
Son't go by what channels say.

Shinu Mathew said...

Amit; Thx . The repressive forces are same everywhere. It may change the name but the core remains just the same. I am happy you can relate it with.
It doesn't matter who I am or who you are. We all are trying to express our concern regarding things which will affect us, or rather ME.
I would like to ask you just one thing. If you are sure the prices will be rolled back, then why do you strike? Or you mean to say it's because of your hartal that prices are goinmg to be slashed? I have my own reasons to believe otherwise.
I myself worked for DYFi and saw what kind of goons they are. These days, I try to be as neutral as possible, But from past experiences I know how the DYFI and it's mother-party functions.
Your version in very interesting. Specially "they were trying to stop them". Yeah it was your party's means of stopping. Bleeding mouths and broken rib cages doesn't lie. Or gouged put eyes. (the eye of Chinna Swami from TVM)

Nero said...

I'm not too familiar with politics in Kerala, but if its anything like TN, it ought to be worth watching!

Nice play on the post title too :)

whistlingwoods said...

Shinu, these are just my inane ramblings! It's best to ignore them. How are you doing? I am waiting for you to DYFI the writer's block!

Shinu Mathew said...

Thanks for visiting.