Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Afghan Butchers

Another innocent has been butchered in the name of Holy War. The recent slaying of an Indian, a Boarder Roads Organization (BRO) Driver, Ramankutty Maniyappan was murdered in Afghanistan by the barbaric forces of a hideous, cowardly unit called Taliban. What was the provocation to kill an innocent, low-profile victim? They haven’t got a publicity or terror mileage by this most un-Islamic act. And the killing was not Taliban-like. They have executed him in a hurry. They don’t even bother about contacting the embassy and demanding his ransom. So what was the intent behind the kidnapping? No news about the other Afghans who were kidnapped along with him.

The chronology of the incident;

Kidnapped on 19th Nov 2005 afternoon

Same day evening an unidentified caller claimed that Mr. Kutty is kidnapped by Taliban.

20th Nov 2005. A press release purportedly from Taliban states that If BRO doesn’t stop the work and leave Afghanistan, he will be executed.

22nd Nov 2005. A message reached press that Mr. Kutty has been shot dead.

23rd Nov 2005. His body recovered. The throat was slit.

In any of the stage, they haven’t made a demand directly to the Embassy or Government. This raises a few questions.

  1. Was this kidnap & murder really done by Taliban? They are known to be barbaric and throat-slitting is their proven method of killing their victims (Remember journalist Daniel Pearl). But they set a time frame to meet their demand and wait until then. In this case it was no so.
  2. As per the Government statements, they haven’t received any demands from Taliban. But a section of the press reported that the Government is in fact got it and are discussing it. But the Government never acknowledged it.
  3. If the collective effort of Indian and Afghan Governments failed to locate or even establish contact with kidnappers then what about the security of others working there?
  4. Could this be a handiwork of other elements? There could be a lot of reasons. Professional and personal reasons. In a country as anarchist and as lawless as Afghanistan, killing a low-rung person like him is a walk in the park. And they easily put the blame on Taliban.

May you guys stamp me with a “conspiracy-theorist” but thinking more about it, I am in great confusion. Or someone please answer the following queries.

  1. What Taliban will gain from murdering a low-profile man like him? Daniel Pearl was a high profile journalist and whole of the world was shocked but that killing.
  2. Why there was no demand for Ransom? (provided the government is not lying)
  3. Why there was no time frame set to BRO’s leaving Afghanistan?
  4. Why he was murdered even before the government or authorities to discuss the purported demand and killed him within 48 hours of capture?

Whatever the conclusion, two small children and a mother become orphans overnight. The picture of a wailing two-year old not knowing why his mother and brother are crying will forever haunt me. The senseless loss of a life and the consequences it cause can not be compensated with a job and 10 lakh rupees. Steps must be taken to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. Find the real culprits and, don’t hang them. Just cut their throats. Let them know the pain when the last breath escaping through the slit-open throat.

PS: Opposition Leader of Kerala, Mr. Achutanandan blames CM Oommen Chandy for this incident. Had he been the CM, what could have he done within 48 hours? Poor fellow clutching to the last straws before he is drowned by the Pinarai Group.


Bohemian said...

"Find the real culprits and, don’t hang them. Just cut their throats. Let them know the pain when the last breath escaping through the slit-open throat."

well, i beg to differ Mr.Mathew...

u can kill these barbarians,to the extent of even mutilating them(as u suggest)...but then what is the difference between those insolent bastards and we,the so-called humane & civilized creatures..
these culprits are so fired with mindless fanaticism that we can only choose to kill them physically but how can we root out the evil extremist ideology in them?...(i hope there's an end to that very soon!)
i hv another solution,torture them mentally(and physically if u choose to) to such an extent that they plead for a death sentence,but we deny them that!

Shinu Mathew said...

Exactly! My selection of wording were wrong I guess. I read an article in a newspaper. It was the last words of a fidayeen security personals interecepted. it was like this.
"al vida. ab quyamat ki din bakiyon se mulakat" means, good bye. See all of you at doomsday (Judgement day)". As you said they are all fired up and brain washed. killing one or two of them doesn't stop this menace. My response was born out of sheer frustration and feeling of helplessness. The root has to be nipped. If you can stop the unlimited supply of manpower to execute these suicide killings, then we can check this evil. But as long as some of our neighbours in existence, no hope!