Friday, April 01, 2005

Goa-Tha land of Fun

Wondering where to go this vacation? Well, pack your bags and go to Goa, the land of sun, sand and Churches. But not necessarily in that order. It’s up to your preferences. Or priorities. But God gave these three things to Goa in abundance. One should have a great appetite to get all of it.
I always wanted to visit, but all the time one or other commitments stopped me from being there. But by the time I was ready to go back, I thought my wait was worthwhile. “Sabr ka phal meetha hota hai!!” The fruit of Patience is very sweet. Even though I only got to see the capital and places around it, I think like, the things I saw are beautiful, those I didn’t are magnificent. It makes me want to go back there soon.
What makes me to praise Goa so much? Is it the white, pristine beaches? Or the bud-tickling taste of sea food? Or yet the easygoing natives? Imposing monumental structures? Or that night cruise? Guess I’ll debate that for the rest of my life without any answer. The only drawback, or what Goa lacks is night life. Most of the bars & hotels shut their gates around 10:30 or 11. As a Mumbaikar, I am used to go to a hotel and get my food even at 12:00 or later than that.
I have visited the peninsula of Dona Paula, Miramar beaches. The view from the top of the structure at Dona Paula is breath taking. And then Fort Aguada, the old Jail, the greenery, everything is fantastic. Landscape apart, what I found most interesting in Goa is the discipline while driving. I was mildly irritated when my friend stopped his vehicle at every corner, look out at the intersection then go on. Here in Mumbai, I never remember anybody ever done that. What amazes me is that it’s not only him, but taxis and Rickshaws, and even youngsters did that! Can you imagine an autoriksha stops at an intersection in Mumbai and wait for a cyclist to pass?
One other thing I must mention is the state of the roads. The new highways and roads and gleaming! I was thinking most of the time about Mumbai’s pot-hole filled roads and how they dig the roads right after they mended it. Here I give you an advice. If you got a Ferrari or Renault, then take it to Goa and the highways there won’t break it! Not one pot-hole, no protruding manhole lids nor dangerously close-to-the-road hutments. One must laud such development in such a small state.
And the last but not least, Bike Taxis. These guys weave through the traffic, (not like Mumbai’s choc-a-block traffic) taking you to your destination within minutes. I was little afraid when this cabbie (can I call him that?) was negotiating curves through the right side. But that was his trust in the system. It was a one-way road and he was sure no one will come the wrong way. In which other city, one can be that assured? I think may be in Europe or US. Not in India.
So what are you waiting for guys? Pack your Back-Packs, don’t forget to take that camera of yours and get there!

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Bohemian said...

hey GOA's my native place!
n boy!...i luv it or what!
...and the sexy tan it gives me everytime i go there,is worth mentioning too! ;-)